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It’s that time of year. Time for our annual “behind the scenes” blog post. If you’d like, you can see a couple of past years here:



One day I should do a post of all of the truly horrendous pictures of us shooting…the one’s that we are in compromising positions trying to get the shot…or the one’s that my face is BEET red because I’m wearing black in 90+ degree heat…or those that we look like we’ve just walked out of a sauna. Super pretty. 🙂  Anyway…here we go…I give you…Behind the Scenes 2016.

Dress fluffing is definitely part of the wedding photographer job description.


Erika doesn’t have any bad pictures of herself. She basically looks like she stepped out of the pages of a magazine when she shoots. Seriously.


He’s basically amazing. Baby wearing + photographer extraordinaire. Cameo by Tara Jordan.

Ummmm….don’t know that I’ve ever seen you look so good, Geoff Schultz. (left); Miracle of miracles…I didn’t fall off of the chair. I’m sure I fell once I was back on the floor. (right)csp2016behindthescenes_0005

See? Model status. 

Shooting inside of Biltmore House. A highlight of the year for sure. This is one of those beet red face pictures if it were shot from the front. It was a HOT day.


Dear God…please, please, please let the rain hold off. Photographer problems.csp2016behindthescenes_0008

Testing light before Mike’s first look with his bride. Geoff as the stand in for Lauren. Wasn’t awkward at all. csp2016behindthescenes_0009

“You know…we just love to sit on city streets any chance we can get. So this feels super natural to us.” – Travis (Neutral, patterned backdrop…I had to).csp2016behindthescenes_0011

“You look nice. Please don’t charge me. Hey – can you turn your head a little to the left so I can get the best light?” – me to the horsecsp2016behindthescenes_0012

Doing what he does. And trying to stay out of my shot.csp2016behindthescenes_0013

Beet red doesn’t happen until June. This was May…definitely close. csp2016behindthescenes_0014

Get in closer…closer….closer. Okay, now take like two steps in closer. 
csp2016behindthescenes_0015 csp2016behindthescenes_0016


Fighting the urge to fist pump to “Don’t Stop….BELIEVEN!!!”csp2016behindthescenes_0018

Cute. Per usual.csp2016behindthescenes_0019


That’s a wrap, y’all. 🙂 Here’s to 2017!csp2016behindthescenes_0021

Cheyenne Schultz

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