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December is here! Goodness, I love this month and the entire holiday season. Through the years, Geoff and I have developed a set of Christmas traditions that I look forward to every year. Most of what we’ll be doing together as a family this month will be Christmas themed. I thought it would be fun to list out our traditions here.

+ Christmas Book Presents (pictured above). Through the years we have been building a library of Christmas books that we wrap up and number 1-25. Each evening after baths and pajamas, Boone and Crew alternate getting to open the “present” and then we read the book together. I love how excited they get to see which book it will be each night.

+ Uptown Walkabout. We get hot chocolate at Starbucks, go see the bear show at Founders Hall, get a candy cane at the big gingerbread house in The Ritz and just walk around uptown checking out the city decorated for the holiday. We’ll probably also walk over to Romare Bearden Park to check out the new Christmas Village.

+ Go to see “Gingerbread Lane” at Ballantyne Hotel (this one is new this year…can’t wait to check it out).

+ Reindeer Pancakes. This is so darn fun. Check them out here.

+ Take a trip to McAdenville to see all of the houses decorated. Last year we tried out the Speedway Christmas, but I think we are going to stick with McAdenville from here. We’ll also drive around town/our neighborhood looking at lights. Although that will be tricky this year with a rear facing baby that doesn’t particularly love the car to begin with.

+ Visit Santa at the mall, build a gingerbread house, Elf on the Shelf, put lights up on the house. The normal stuff. 🙂

+ Red and green M&M cookies. We love making these together. I’ve been making them since I was a little girl.

+ Christmas Eve Sleepover. On Christmas Eve, Geoff and I get every blanket and pillow that we can find in the house, put them on the living room floor and we watch the Christmas Story until we fall asleep. Then on Christmas Day we usually just all hang out all over the blanket nest all day. This tradition is a favorite.


I’d love to know if y’all have any favorite traditions that you do every year…please comment below to tell me!


December Business Goals

1) Complete all of my editing from 2016.

2) Get my email to zero. This didn’t happen last month, but it SO needs to. I’m planning to use my friend Nancy Ray’s “Email Ninja” tips…you can get her free guide in her shop HERE.

3) Send vendor and 2016 client holiday gifts.

4) Choose date for “Growing Your Business in the Off-Season” webinar for January. I did this webinar a couple years ago…it was such a hit that I thought I would do it again as we begin 2017!

5) Write 2016 Recap blog post.

6) Have 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat using my new set of Powersheets.

7) Order new desk and coffee table for studio. Looking for a reclaimed wood look for both.

December Personal Goals

1) Choose dates for our 10 year anniversary trip.

2) Go to coffee with a friend. I’m looking at you, Allison.

3) Go on a date with Geoff to recap 2016 and make some initial plans for 2017.

4) Complete Christmas shopping by the end of this weekend.

5) House projects (organize hall closet and set up kid’s bookshelves).


Happy holidays, friends! Love to you all!

Cheyenne Schultz

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