Do you suffer from business ownership paralysis because you are so overwhelmed with all there is to do day to day?

Are you finding it difficult to attract and book new clients that are ideal for your business?
In a sea of ideas for things you can do to grow your business, do you have trouble deciding which things are the best things you should be doing to move your business forward the quickest and the most effective way?

Do you want to quit your day job to pursue your creative passion full time?
Do you feel like you are drowning as you try to balance a growing business and family simultaneously?

I’ve been there, friend. I’ve so been there. I hear you. I see you.

a coaching program for photographers
and creative small business professionals


My coaching program is for professional photographers and other creative small business owners who are needing to take hold of the overwhelm in their businesses, develop priorities and find direction, receive a little bit of accountability and get an overall kick in the pants to get out there and make the things they want to make happen, happen.

who is this program for?


It was April of 2007 that I photographed my first ever engagement session. I was both terrified and wildly excited that someone was allowing me to use my new camera on something other than inanimate objects around my apartment. I’m pretty sure I shot the entire session in auto mode, had absolutely no idea how to use light effectively and posed the couple awkwardly at times.

And yet, something inside of me just knew that I was made for this work. 

Ever since that day, I have poured myself into learning my craft and eventually creating a six-figure income. I’m also not too shy to say that I fully believe that we provide the best client experience around. :) But hear me…those things didn’t come overnight and they didn’t come without a ton of honest-to-goodness hard work. I googled, took classes, attended workshops and networking events, shot a ton, watched tutorials, read blog posts…and on and on and on.

I’m a wife, mama of 4, professional photographer and business coach. 

Over time, I taught myself how to:

• Leverage my web presence to attract and book my ideal client.
• Streamline my administrative systems and workflow to increase productivity and efficiency, giving me more time to spend with my young family.
• Develop a client experience that is unparalleled, which creates raving fans of my business.
Brand my business in a way that was representative of my work and my personality, while attracting my ideal client.
Pose my clients in a way that feels natural, comfortable.
• Consistently develop annual and monthly goals and action plans.
• Run a meeting with a prospective client and move them from consult to booking.

A few years ago I decided to take all that I had learned and began offering coaching sessions to help other photographers grow their own businesses, which has also expanded to help other creative small business professionals. I do this work because I love it. I really love it. I love helping others to get organized and motivated, improve their systems, get more clients, increase profits and find some sense of work/life balance.

Serving others through my coaching program has become such a joy in my life.

Prior to our session date, I provide an in-depth online assessment questionnaire to assist you in determining the state of your business. It also helps me to plan for our time together, making it as personal and specific to your needs as I can.

Coaching Session(s)
The majority of our time together will be spent discussing and answering any of your questions in three main focus areas of your choosing. Each session will end with the development of an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals.

The focus areas discussed vary depending on each individual coaching session, as each business owner has different needs and problems that need solving, therefore, requires a customized plan of attack. 


Potential topics include:
• Branding
• Marketing
• Client Experience
• Industry Relationships
• Building Community
• Work/Life Balance
• Vision Planning
• Web Presence
• Administrative/Systems (managing email, managing clients,
• Social Media
• Photographer Specific (posing, using light, editing, shooting technique, workflow, portfolio review, etc.)

Depending on your package choice, I do regular check-ins to answer questions, provide support, encouragement and accountability.

What is included:
An initial online questionnaire to help you assess the state of your business – what is working, what isn’t working and where you want to be.

Coaching session(s) customized to your individual business needs. We’ll discuss the state of your business, dig into three main focus areas of your choosing and will end our time with the development of an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals.

A personalized workbook filled with worksheets/checklists.

Regular check-ins via email in between sessions to provide support, encouragement and accountability as you make progress on your action plan and toward your goals. (for select packages only)

Option to add on a headshot mini session a la carte.


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about how I can help your business.



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