Happy 1st Birthday, Grey!

The Schultzes


You guys…our boy is ONE today. When I was pregnant with him, everyone told me that my 3rd would be my easiest and super go with the flow. No way was it the easiest and no way he is go with the flow. But goodness, he has brought SO much joy into our house and we love him to pieces. I say to Geoff all the time….”don’t you just love him?!” and “aren’t you so glad we had him?”. Our little Grey squirrel is funny and man, is he cute! He eats fruit like it’s his job, signs “milk” and refuses to crawl, but will scoot around the house all day long instead. He’s got the loudest scream I think I have ever heard. He loves to point to things/pick up things and say “this!” and sometimes “that!”. He may have mumbled “mama” a couple of times, but I’m pretty sure his official first word is “this”. 🙂 Boone and Crew love him terribly. Seeing the look of contentment on Grey’s face as his big brother pushes him around and around and around our house in his walker about makes my heart burst. And while he doesn’t love it, Crew loves to be all up in his business with hugs and kisses.

There aren’t words to say how grateful I am that God gifted us with him. Happy first birthday, my sweet Grey.

* Every kid that has a birthday in this house gets a video recap from the past year made by their daddy. Grey’s first year video is below. And I love it. Thank you so much, Geoff, for always making these videos a priority in your life. I will treasure this forever. I love you.
greyfirstbday_0002 greyfirstbday_0003greyfirstbday_0005

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  1. Stacey Jones says:

    Love these birthday videos! Such beautiful memories. Can I ask what program geoff uses to edit them? Thanks!


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