The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards Wedding – Lauren + Mike



Lauren and Mike’s wedding day was such a treat to photograph. These two are so easygoing and are just plain fun to be around. I told Geoff that anyone who is around them can’t help but be happier. We are so grateful to know them! A few of my favorite things from their day:

+ Mike had THE most epic entrance into the ceremony. He and his guys came in by boat….and it was amazing as evidenced by the image below. It’s a must see. 🙂

+ The venue. This was our second time shooting at The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards Lakehouse and goodness, is it beautiful.

+ Lauren and Mike made sure that their beloved pup was able to not only be in attendance, but also walk down the aisle for the ceremony. Sweet, sweet Rideau.

+ The dancing. It was out of control and hilarious.

+ Working with past bride and now wedding planner Tiffany of Hart & Co. Events! This was so fun to see her in action. Tiffany, you were made for this!

+ The moment that Lauren’s dad presented his parents wedding bands to her to wear as her “something borrowed”. It was such a touching moment and such a special detail.

+ The danced down the aisle together for the recessional. Love it.

Lauren and Mike – thank you for giving us the opportunity to photograph your big day. We more than enjoyed ourselves and count ourselves blessed to know you. Love y’all!

Venue – The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards

Planner – Tiffany of Hart & Co. Events

Hair/Makeup – Cotton Rouge anad Company

Florals – French Market Flowers 

Videographer – Jeff Bradt

DJ – Amp’d Entertainment

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Cheyenne Schultz

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    Amazing photos. You always inspire us!


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