Today. 39 weeks. One week out at most from delivery. Feeling so very, very grateful that God has allowed me the privilege to grow another baby and that He has kept us both safe through this pregnancy. And I’m so glad that all things work and life are caught up enough so that I can take a few minutes to reflect on the past almost 9 months.


On Finding Out I Was Pregnant…




In November of 2014…just a couple of days before Thanksgiving…I learned via ultrasound that the baby I had been carrying no longer had a heartbeat. Of course, this was really difficult news to swallow.  I had really hoped that my body would do what it needed to do on it’s own to release our baby, but unfortunately, after more than 6 weeks of filled with discomfort, ultrasounds, panicked phone calls to my midwives, we decided to move forward with the D&C, which took place on January 7th. After my body and hormones didn’t “bounce back” as soon as we’d hoped following the surgery, I really struggled to fight the doubts that maybe we weren’t “supposed” to have another baby…even though I felt God say “yes” initially. Thankfully, I waded my way through it all and knew that God was with us, was carrying us and would work things out in His timing and as He wanted.

The morning of May 2nd was the day I took a home test to see that word….pregnant. We were elated.



On Telling The Kids…

Oh, it was fun and oh, they were so cute and excited. If you missed the video of Geoff and I telling them they would be having another sibling, you can catch that here.  🙂



On Not Finding Out the Gender…



(Image above taken at 19 weeks)

If it were up to me, we would know if this baby is a boy or a girl. I’m such a control freak planner that it has driven me crazy not knowing the gender of this child. Yes, I’m sure it will be a great moment to hear “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!”…but I’ve been dying to know since we had the option at our 19 week ultrasound.

Boone has never wavered from wanting/thinking it is a boy. Crew has been back and forth between boy/girl. They both currently are calling ‘boy’ and now want to name it Super Mario. Geoff and I have both thought ‘boy’ as well. Time will tell. We would be thrilled either way.


On Pregnancy Highs…

+ Over-the-belly maternity pants. Enough said. I’m already grieving this loss.

+ Having the kids feel the baby kick, punch and have hiccups. Their faces light up whenever they can feel or see it moving.

+ Y’all, I have had the most supportive and loving husband to care for me through this whole process….that is no surprise, as he was wonderful to me with my other pregnancies as well. These past few weeks he has been especially helpful and has overtaken the majority of the care over the kids…including nightly baths, playing countless board games and taking our potty training 2.5 year old to the bathroom 35 times per day. Thank you, God, for this man.

(Image below shot by my sweet friend, Nancy Ray, at 21 weeks)



On Pregnancy Lows…

+ I was sicker than a dog yet again for the first trimester and then some. Not fun times. Nope…not at all.

+ Gestational Diabetes. Boo. Yes, I was diagnosed with GD this time around. It wasn’t the greatest shock of my life, as diabetes runs in my family, but finding out wasn’t a highlight in this pregnancy. Even though I’m missing my chocolate like crazy and not loving the insulin shots, I’m grateful for great medical care and being “forced” into eating well and exercising regularly. It has more than helped keep the 10+ extra pounds off that I would have put on in the month of December alone.

+ Eggs. Goodness, I’m tired of eating eggs. My sugar levels do the best in the morning when I eat eggs…so that’s what I do.

+ The “something is wrong” anxiety. Anxiety is something that I struggle with whether I’m pregnant or not. But, when I’m pregnant, it’s pretty much through the roof. I think I’ve been traumatized ever since my experience in having Boone.

(Images below shot at 29, 34, 36 and 38 weeks)



On the End of Pregnancy…

It’s a bittersweet feeling to be at the end of this pregnancy. Of course, I can’t wait to be done with all of the aches and pains and discomforts and anxieties that this pregnancy has brought. However, in knowing that this will be the last time that I carry a child inside of me…that another season of life is nearly over…it hurts my heart a little. So, I’m trying my best to fight for joy through this last little bit.

Mainly, I just can’t wait to meet and hold our sweet baby. Hopefully we’ll land on names soon?  🙂


See you soon, little baby.

Love, Mama


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  2. Chelsea says:

    I loved reading all of this! It is so nice to hear how you are doing. and now that your sweet baby boy is here is so exciting to the adventures ahead. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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