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No, I never got around to posting my November goals. We did, however, accomplish a lot…

+ Combined Boone and Crew’s room into one…so far, they are doing great cohabitating. ¬†ūüôā

+ Painted the baby room and got most of our baby stuff down from the attic.

+ Spoke to the Issues of Contemporary Photography class at App State. This was our third year speaking there…it never disappoints. We also took an extra day to spend together in our little cabin in the woods. ¬†Sweet times.¬†

+ Finished up our shooting for the year…two weddings and a day full of mini sessions.¬†

+ Decorate the house for Christmas…don’t worry…we waited until the day after Thanksgiving. ¬†I’m big on celebrating my holidays one at a time. ¬†

And now, on to December.



1. Editing.¬†I think I’m on track to be caught up on all editing before Christmas. ¬†This is definitely a priority going into the new year with a new baby!

2. Client Holiday Gifts.¬†Everything has been purchased…now just to get it all assembled, mailing addresses confirmed and sent out! ¬†Perhaps I’ll blog how it all comes together if I have time.



1. Enjoy the Christmas Season.¬†So many fun things to do…see the Bear Show in Founders Hall, make red and green M&M cookies together (both kids love to assist me in baking), visit McAdenville to see the lights, build our gingerbread house, read our nightly Christmas book, make reindeer pancakes and have our Christmas Eve living room floor sleepover (which will be quite interesting 38 weeks pregnant).

2. Maternity Pictures. Nothing official or fancy Рjust need to have Geoff take a few more pics of me before this baby comes out.

3. Baby Prep.¬†Still lots to do. ¬†Finish his/her room, choose names (we are pretty sure we have the girl name, but not sure about the boy name), buy a few things that we need, pack our hospital bags, write a birth plan, install the carseat, wash and put away baby clothes…and there’s more. ¬†Deep breath. ¬†Deep breath.

4. Date Night.¬†I would really love to get in one last date before baby is here….dinner and a movie (Mockingjay…duh) sound just delightful.

+ If any of you post your monthly goals, please post a link in the comments РI love reading what others are up to!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Karen Schultz says:

    Be very happy to have the children for one last weekend of bliss before Christmas….and maybe a holiday dinner when you come to pick them up?? We are here for you all.
    Love Karen and George


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