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Lindy and I hit it off from the first time we met – it was early April of 2013 that we had our consult in Gallery Espresso (with my 6 week old baby in tow) while Geoff and I were in town. I knew I liked her within minutes of being with her. She is likely one of the most thoughtful and genuine people I have met.

I couldn’t wait to meet Jason, which finally happened in October 2013 in Durham, NC after the Making Things Happen Conference that both Lindy and I attended.  We met for a couple of sandwiches on our way out of town….Jason managed to pay for my bill without my slightest knowledge. These two…I tell ya.  🙂

Shortly after driving to Charlotte from Savannah for their engagement session, Lindy and Jason sent Geoff and I our FAVORITE brownies from Gallery in the mail. And I can’t even tell you how many encouraging text messages I have from Lindy.  I have been blessed from knowing this couple and have so enjoyed getting to form a friendship with Lindy and Jason through the past year….I only wish we lived in the same city so we could hang out regularly.

Please enjoy some of our favorite images from this beautiful, bright and colorful wedding!

Ceremony: Chatham Square – Savannah, Georgia

Reception: Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum – Savannah, Georgia

Video: The Whitlows of Two Cents Photo + Film

Bride’s hair and makeup: Hannah Minkowitz and Emily from Dollface by Jules

Bride’s dress: Maggie Sottero purchased from Bjjou Bridal

Veil: Custom using tulle from Lindy’s mom’s veil by Jaclyn Jordan NYC

Shoes, purse and reception necklace: Kate Spade

Groom’s attire: J. Crew (suit), Down South Tie Co. (bow tie)

Groommen attire: Macy’s (suits), J. Parker Ltd. and The Tie Bar (bow ties)

Confetti girl dresses: Vesper Clothing

Invitation Suite/signage: East Taylor Creative (the bride!) with help from friend Ryan Shirkman

Flowers: Willow Event Design and Joey McDermott

Rentals: Amazing Event Rentals and Everthine Events

Catering: Zunzi’s

Ice Cream Cart: Leopold’s

Desserts: Donuts from Baker’s Pride, Cupcakes from Back in the Day Bakery and Mabel’s Cupcake Emporium

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0002 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0003 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0004

The first time Lindy’s dad saw her in her wedding dress was such a sweet moment. After their initial embrace, he pulled away from her with tears in his eye and just looked at her. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like as a parent to be in that surreal moment.

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0005 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0006 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0007 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0008 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0009

Not only was this the first time that Jason saw Lindy in her gown, but it was the first time Lindy saw which bow tie Jason had picked out.  I think he nailed it.  🙂
ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0010 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0012 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0013 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0014 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0015 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0016 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0017 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0018 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0019 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0020

Something that really touched me personally was when they said their vows. If you recall, Geoff and I made these little books for Lindy and Jason for their engagement session.  Prior to their session we had asked them separately to email us 10 things they loved about the other person. We printed out those 10 things, pasted them into the books and then gave them for them to read to each other during the engagement session. I knew they had enjoyed it, but when she told me that they were using the books to record and recite their vows for wedding day…well, heck.  That is just about the sweetest thing.


Not sure if there are many things better in life than a multi-colored confetti recessional.  Right?

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0022 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0023 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0024 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0025

Have you heard of the Southern tradition to “bury the bourbon” to keep the rain away on wedding day?  Tradition calls that a bride and groom bury a bottle of bourbon one month before the wedding day at the site of the ceremony.  Lucky us…it worked!  Wedding day weather was perfection.

It was only appropriate that we dig it up before we set off to the reception.

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0026 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0027 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0028 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0029 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0030 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0031 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0032

Jason’s wedding gift to Lindy was a hot air balloon ride on their honeymoon.  Lindy’s wedding gift to Jason?  ICE CREAM.  The BEST ice cream.  She surprised him with a cart during cocktail hour from local ice cream hot spot Leopold’s. FOR. THE. WIN.
ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0033 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0034 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0035 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0036 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0037 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0038 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0039 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0040 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0041 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0043

Lindy and her dad (any many friends and family) were the one’s behind the crafting, construction and installation of this paper flower ceiling that hung above at the reception site.  It was unlike anything I’ve seen….seriously unique and very fitting with their colorful day.

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0044 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0046 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0047

There were so many special touches throughout the day.  This one, was particularly sweet (pun fully intended).  A plethora of homemade baked goods…complete with “Jason’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies”, “Grandma K’s Apple Pie” and “Grandma Peters’ Christmas Cookies”.

ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0048 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0049 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0050 ShipsoftheSeaWedding_LindyJason_0051

Lindy and Jason – y’all are the best.  A million times thank you for giving us the opportunity to photograph your wedding day.  Love y’all!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Allison K says:

    So in love with all the colors!!! Her bouquet is so cool! You captured it perfectly!

  2. Kristyn says:

    Your photography is so lovely! I really hope I get a chance to use you guys in the future!

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  4. kc says:

    STUNNING! What a bright and cheery celebration of a beautiful couple. Per usual, you two captured it perfectly.


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