Brittany and Joey



My liking of Brittany and Joey was immediate after I heard that their rescue dog’s name is Frank.  And after meeting Frank at their engagement session, I determined that he is every bit as great as our Frank…especially because he was wearing a man’s hat.  🙂

What a fun session this was.  These two are adorable together.  Wedding day in December with Katrina of Come+Together Events behind it all is, no doubt, something to look forward to.  See you guys soon!

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0002 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0003 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0004 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0005 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0006 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0007 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0008 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0009 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0010 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0011 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0012 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0013 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0014 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0015 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0016 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_BrittanyJoeyEpics_0017

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Goodness gracious! So gorgeous, Cheyenne 🙂

  2. Roni Hernandez says:

    Amazing! As always! <3

  3. Megan Gielow says:

    Love those biking photos. So cute.

  4. Jessica says:

    Their dog is totally our dog’s cousin!!!!


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