HBD, Geoff!



It’s true.  Today…this one turns 31.  I’m so grateful to have this man as my husband and father to my children.  He is steady, motivated, passionate, caring, patient, kind and talented.  And speaking of his talent….

For those reading who might not know, not only is Geoff partner to this business, but he is a full time motion graphics designer for our church – Elevation Church.  I’ve always been amazed at his talent for animation.  Since I’ve been wanting to share his 2014 reel on here for some time…what better day than his birthday?!  Check it out!  And, happy birthday, Geoff.  I love you so much.


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Nancy Ray says:

    Loved watching that highlight reel! You married some serious talent, lady. (He did too!) Love you both. Happy Anniversary and HBD Geoff!!! (The little yellow guy doing workouts was my favorite!)


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