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I know that technically, summer doesn’t begin for a few more weeks.  However, last night I officially declared the start of summer 2014 when we had the first sightings of fireflies at dusk. I even went so far as to get a freshly bathed and in bed Boone out of bed and outside to see them.  It was worth it…he was so cute hunched over in our neighbors driveway looking at them closely.  When we went back inside he exclaimed, “it’s firefly day!”.  🙂

So, hello June.  Hello summer.


It’s going to be a busy, busy month.  A lot of work and a lot of fun.  Here’s the goal plan for June:


1.  New albums.  I’m in the process of choosing a new album company that better fits our brand.  A few that I am considering are Red Leaf, Blanche Prints and WHCC.  I’m looking for something timeless, natural (possibly linen covered) and easy.  Anyone have experience with these companies or have others to recommend?

2.  Cultivate Preparation.  I am getting really excited for August’s Cultivate Retreat. This month means finalizing my talks – I’ll give one general talk and one photography focused. Register HERE.

3.  Shoot.  June is bringing a lot of fun photography projects and shoots.  A wedding, a few engagement sessions, headshots for a mentor session, a feature for a magazine, a bridal portrait and a maternity session.  And, I’m actually going to play around with shooting film this month with my friend, Allison.

4.  Financial Coaching.  I’m pretty sure we are Will Ray’s worst clients ever. Luckily, he is a great guy, coach and friend, so he doesn’t hold it against us (at least to our faces 🙂 ).  We will for SURE be completing the business portion of our coaching.  For sure.


 1.  Thomas at Tweetsie.  This will be our third year in a row taking Boone to see Thomas the Train at Tweetsie Railroad.  Last year’s reaction was hysterical and one of my favorite-ever Boone moments…see it HERE.

2.  Celebrations.  Lots to celebrate this month: Geoff turns 31 on June 8th and then our 7 year anniversary is June 9th.  Surprises will ensue.

3.  Clean Eating.  It’s true….we are nearing closer and closer to a clean eating lifestyle. For quite awhile now we have been choosing organic when it comes to our milk, meat and some fruits/veggies, but something this past month clicked with Geoff and I, which motivated us to make some larger changes in our daily diet. We are trying to make the leap into the clean eating lifestyle. We are (at least I am) still overwhelmed, but are making steps in the right direction. We have been getting a lot of help from our friends The Lannings.  Check out their pinterest boards full of clean recipes.

4.  Food Truck Friday (ironic given goal #3), Stallings Park Splash Pad and a water balloon fight.  All of these.


I’ll leave you with a few pictures from a couple fun things we did this spring….strawberry picking at Patterson Farm and a weekend getaway to Rocky Creek Ranch.

JuneGoals2014_0002 JuneGoals2014_0003


Moments after this was taken, the lamb bleated in her face and she flipped out.  Like the good mother I am, I laughed and kept filming.  Sorry, not sorry.
JuneGoals2014_0004 JuneGoals2014_0005 JuneGoals2014_0006 JuneGoals2014_0007

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Allison K says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to shoot with you 🙂 Also, I have a Blanche Prints sample if you want to see. I’ve been really happy with them. AND your family is the cutest…you look amazing….Crews shoes are adorable!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Ray says:

    1. I love you guys. 2. Crew is getting SO big! 3. I cracked up at Boone’s Thomas reaction. Pricesless! 4. Please move to Raleigh. I need some Schultzes in my life.

  3. Denise Correia says:

    Love the pictures. You and Crew look so cute, and she is getting so big. Well, they both are. Love the pictures of Boone with the Horse. Keep em coming. I so enjoy them all.


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