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Ahhhh….Liz and Max’s lovely fall engagement session.  Geoff and I shot this session in Fort Mill, SC at Anne Springs Dairy Barn and Greenway.  Goodness, do I love it out there.  
We really enjoyed ourselves the whole shoot…great weather, pretty flowers, a crazy dog, crunchy leaves, a cozy blanket…..but something great happened at the tail end of our time with Liz and Max.  
The sun had set and the remaining light was quickly fading…so much that I had to shoot wide open with a low shutter speed AND crank up my ISO (sorry for the tech talk for those who don’t care 🙂 ).  It started with this idea of having Max chase Liz as she held the blanket they had brought above her head.  It sounds a little silly…and I’m certain they felt silly….but I had the image above in my head and really wanted to try to create it.  It was Geoff who actually pulled off the shot that I was wanting in the end.  
Anyway, after I made them run and run and run and run…we had approximately zero light and they were exhausted.  As I snapped away and watched Liz and Max interact, I began to feel something wonderful welling up in me.  I felt joy.  I felt love.  I felt contentment and confidence in doing this work that we do.  And man, did I feel grateful.  I am SO grateful that we are entrusted to capture these once in a lifetime times in a couple’s life together.  This job….it’s remarkable.  
AnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_02.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_03.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_04.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_05.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_06.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_07.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_08.jpgAnneSpringsDairyBarn_LizMax_09.jpgI don’t normally share dog pictures on our blog from engagement shoots, but I just can’t help myself with this one.  World, I present to you….Louie.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. love everything about this 🙂 your words are so sweet chey! thanks for taking AMAZING care of all of my clients -we are blessed to have YOU xoxo

  2. hannah elise says:

    oh my, these are so gorgeous! and her eyelashes are insane. LOVE all these frames.

  3. Jenny Heimbigner says:

    Congrats Liz & Max!!! These are all amazing!


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