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This morning after the sun had risen, I looked out the window.
Fall….it’s here, I thought.
I don’t know why, but this morning is the first time it really felt like fall.  Yes, I’ve been wearing the boots and the scarves and drinking my pumpkin spice lattes with the best of them for a month now.  But something about today…the overcast skies, crisp air and a thick bed of yellow and brown leaves covering the front yard of our home…today is fall.
I have told Geoff many a time that I really hope I get to live to see a lot more fall seasons because goodness, do I love this time of year.  It is just so darn cozy…and cozy, I love.
Alright, November.  Let’s do this.  Here are my goals of this sure-to-be-crazy month of November.  🙂
1.  Hunger Games date night.  Catching Fire.  It’s coming.  SO excited.  Only wish I had time to re-read the book before we see the movie.
2. Baby food.  The plan is to make a ton of this at once so I don’t have to do it again for awhile.  I’ve been following the “recipes” over at my friend Lindsay’s Seven Layer Charlotte blog to make Crew’s solid food.  For the direct link to the recipes/instruction, go HERE.
3.  Celebrate Thanksgiving.  Over the past few years as we have built this little family of ours, I have especially come to look forward to and love Thanksgiving.  Here’s a little video Geoff edited to recap our Thanksgiving from 2010.  I never get tired of watching this.
4.  Begin to celebrate Christmas.  I refuse to participate in anything Christmas related (with the exception of the red Starbucks cups) until the day after Thanksgiving (although, I do allow us to make Christmas cookies the evening of Thanksgiving 🙂 ).  After that…it’s on.  We usually take the weekend following Thanksgiving to decorate and get the tree up.  Looking forward to these fun times.  🙂
1. Hire a studio/personal assistant.  In case you didn’t see it last week, here is the position description that was posted.  Applications are due THIS Sunday – November 3rd.
2.  Speak at App.  Geoff and I are really looking forward to spending a couple of days in Boone, NC this month.  Not only are we planning to enjoy the town with the kids, but we have been invited to speak at Appalachian State to the students enrolled in the “Issues of Contemporary Photography” course.  Can’t wait.
3.  Blog MTH.  As I’ve mentioned on social media, I attended the Making Things Happen conference a few weeks ago…and it was life changing.  That sounds a little dramatic, but really, it was life changing.  Hoping to blog about my experience sometime this month.
4.  Holiday Prep.  Decide on a concept for our holiday card and client gifts.  Fun stuff.
5.  Edit.  I will be spending a good majority of my time this month behind my computer editing.  And man…there is a lot of it to be done.  A big goal is to get back on schedule to hit my deadlines (I’m a hair behind right now) and then really plow through.
While at the Making Things Happen conference, I completed my “tending list” for the month of November (tending lists are included in Lara Casey’s “Powersheets”).  A few of my daily goals are:
+ Make my bed…everyday.  
+ Get dressed in real clothes (not pajamas or workout clothes) and do my makeup…everyday.
+ Give Geoff a hug and a really good kiss….everyday.
+ Spend time in prayer and/or reading scripture….everyday.
+ Have intentional one-on-one time with Boone….everyday.
These things are so simple, but in my opinion, so very important in this season of my life.
So there you go….I’m ready to Make. It. Happen!
* If you do monthly goals, please feel free to link back your post in the comments…I would love to read what some of your goals are for the month!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Paige Jones says:

    love it! and THANKS – you always remind me to make goals for myself. here’s mine: http://paigejonesblog.co/2013/11/01/november-goals/

  2. Nancy Ray says:

    Yay November Goals! I totally cheated and stole one of your goals. I added Hunger Games to my list. I forgot it was coming out this month! PUMPED! xoxo can’t wait to read your blog about MTH. Love u.

  3. WIll says:

    Yes! November Goals. The Hunger Games night is going to be a big one for us as well. I’m w/ you on Christmas – the commenter before me and I have an eternal struggle about when to celebrate – I have to get through Thanksgiving first. Here are my goals:

  4. Elizabeth Hall says:

    love love love that thanksgiving video!

  5. Thank you for posting the link to my blog, Cheyenne!! So happy to hear that the baby food recipes are helping. 🙂 Love your November goals – it is so awesome to see how well your business is doing. Speaking at App, hiring an assistant…congrats!!

  6. Casey says:

    these are great, love this time of year! thanks for being so honest in your posts, very brave and I really enjoy reading them! http://theminthouse.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/nov-goals/

  7. I just love revisiting that video…and I want to thank you , thank you again for your blog. It has been so wonderful and I enjoy reading all the great posts. I love fall. the crisp feel of the air and some of God’s greatest masterpieces of color. I just love traveling this time of year. I so enjoy being a grandmother to Boone Levi and Little Ms. Crew. They are such fun. The other day, Boone and I were in the front yard trying to catch the leaves the trees seemed to be throwing at us…not easy! Make it a great day! Enjoy the moments.

  8. Alicia White says:

    YaY hunger games!! I love your goals. I always list them in my calendar but there is something about speaking them outloud (especially in blog format) that makes things happen huh? 🙂 Hope your month has been productive and all things cozy! xo


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