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Cliche as it may be, I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Y’all, the time just continues to fly on by. And twelve years in, I continue to be entirely grateful that CSP continues to grow and thrive and that I continue to find purpose and joy in this work.

With that said, gracious, IT. WAS. A. YEAR. With another Schultz baby born (4th and final…for real this time – ha!), the hardships of 2019 shouldn’t have come as a surprise. And yet, it was a jarring struggle to me as I attempted the delicate dance between being a good wife, mama and business owner. I’ve done this for the first year after every baby…when I’m “in it”, it feels so very hard and like I won’t ever make it out to a place that feels even somewhat manageable again. It’s so easy to forget that I’ve been there, done that before and have, in fact, found my way out each time. And with that said, it’s also sad to me to think about finding my way out…because that means that the littleness of my baby is slipping away. And this time, it’s for the final time. That just makes me a wreck. All I can do to make sense of all of it and to reconcile all that is going on in my head and my heart to live in a state of continuous gratitude and to hold tight to what I’ve been given in the season that I’ve been given it.

2019. Here goes.

+ Between our team, we photographed 14 weddings, 42 portrait sessions and 54 mini sessions.


+ Had our 2nd annual team retreat in the NC mountains…with 2 newborn babies in tow!


+ Had two amazing interns and secured our Spring 2020 intern. Thank you for all that you brought to CSP, Katie and Sarah!


+ Launched our beautiful new website (thank you, Davey + Krista!)

+ Team night at The Candle Bar + Jeni’s Ice Cream


+ Implemented the Traction principles (great book – highly recommend for business owners!). Pics below are from our first official Quarterly Team Meeting…Traction style! And a special thanks to our friend, Brian, for surprising us with cookies for our meeting!



+ Hosted a free wedding giveaway to celebrate the launch of CSP’s first ever Associate Wedding Photographer – Emily!

+ Was on the Brands That Book podcast, spoke to the photography students at App State for the 6th year and co-hosted an online webinar with Elizabeth Marx of Almond Leaf Studios about growing businesses through providing great client experiences.


+ Our CSP Family Photographer, Chelsi, attended the Fount Collective Workshop – can’t wait to share more of what she photographed while she was there!

+ And lastly, added two more to the CSP team (Kit + James…my girl and Emily’s boy…born just a month apart!) and tried my best to serve my team and clients well with a little sidekick in the office (a special thanks to my studio manager, Erika, for all of the times you strapped on the Baby Bjorn and took her for a walk so I could get some uninterrupted work done).



I’m thankful for all that 2019 brought and ready and willing for what is to come in 2020. LET’S GO!

Cheyenne Schultz

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