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Y’all…meet Emily…CSP’s newest team member! Emily has been training with us this fall and come early 2019, she’ll be available for new bookings as a CSP Associate Wedding Photographer. I’m so excited to have her with us and can’t wait to see all of the amazing couples she will be serving next year and beyond. At this point, head over to her Instagram account to follow along with what she is up to and to see her recent work. Please join me in welcoming Emily to CSP!

Where are you from?
The easy answer: Raleigh, North Carolina. The long-winded answer: Born in St. Paul, Minnesota and lived there until I was 4, moved to Southeast Asia for 7 years (Singapore for 3 years and Hong Kong for 4 years), moved to Chapel Hill, NC for 1 year and finally landed in Raleigh, NC. Moved to Charlotte 2 years ago and loving every minute of it!
What are you passionate about?
Having fun while working hard. Finding the good in others and situations. Being happy.
What are you most looking forward to this year? 
My husband and I are having our first sweet baby (due in February)!! Working and growing with a team who is passionate about what they do; sharing successes and having fun together.
What are you grateful for?
This wonderful life that I have been blessed with. My family and friends mean the world to me.
Being happy. Traveling. Scuba Diving. Boating. Keeping the birds in our yard fat and happy with yearly supplies of birdseed. Spending time outside. Watching my dog run around at the dog park.
If you had a full day to yourself, what would you do?
I’d start by inviting my dog into bed for morning cuddles. This would be followed by a delicious sweet and savory breakfast (avocado toast with eggs and a stack of blueberry pancakes, extra syrup). I’d then head to the dog park with my husband, schedule a full body massage with an extra focus on the feet and hands and close out the day cozied up and cuddled up in comfy clothes on the couch.
Three things you are loving right now?
Feeling baby kicks, Holiday spirit, downtime with family and friends.
One state you want to visit in the next five years?
I’ve been but I would like to go back to Colorado for a horseback riding trip.
Best book you have ever read?
Sarah’s Key
What was your favorite moment from your wedding?
Jamey and I had just sat down for dinner at our reception. I looked around and everyone there was laughing and smiling and having a good time. I gave Jamey a big hand squeeze and told him that I never wanted to forget this moment – having all of the people we love from near and far in one room…it was a once in a lifetime experience.


Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla cake, chocolate ice cream.
Beach or mountains? 
Beach but I do love the mountains.
Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.
Favorite season?
Spring AND Fall.
Favorite city to visit?
Raleigh – I still have some family and so many friends who live there. It’s nice having them so close!
Favorite show on Netflix?
I never got into it when it was on TV but I loved Lost on Netflix.
Favorite treat?
Frozen yogurt.
Favorite food?
Every kind of fruit and bagels.
Favorite drink?
Grape juice and Egg nog.
Coffee or tea?
Tea with milk.
Favorite restaurant?
How do I choose?! Bida Manda in Raleigh. Also love any legit brunch spot!


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