5 Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights For Business

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If you are a creative business owner and aren’t yet using the Instagram Story “Highlights” feature, you should be! What was once a problem in creating content for your Stories that would disappear within 24 hours, is now solved. “Highlights” allow you to permanently showcase your best Instagram Stories and let your audience access them whenever they’d like. Brilliant!

In my humble opinion, using your Story Highlights is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing your business by highlighting your products and services, sharing behind the scenes, and driving traffic to your website. Today, I’m sharing 5 ways that you can use this fun feature in your creative business.

1) Showcase Your Portfolio

This one a great place to start if you aren’t yet using your Highlights feature. As an extension of your website and your Instagram feed, you can easily share your most current and the best of the best of your work in a Highlight. It’s also fun to use the text feature to include additional information, as well as tag relevant contributors and locations.

 2) Share Your Behind the Scenes

As a viewer, stories that show behind the scenes of the people that I follow are my absolute favorite. I LOVE seeing “before and afters” and the process of how something comes to life.

Share progress on a project, do a tour of your workspace, or do a “day in the life”. Share with your audience the how of what you do. Your audience will connect to you better personally and will love your authenticity.

3) Teach What You Know

Think about your audience – who are they and why do they follow you? What audience are you trying to grow and what does your business sell? What can you teach them and what do they want to learn from you?

Through tutorials and sharing tips and tricks, you can speak to your audience’s pain points and help them solve their problems! This is a super easy way to provide free, helpful content that will ultimately build trust with your people. Here are a few quick examples of things various creative professionals can teach in an Instagram Story (literally just off the top of my head, so don’t judge me!):
+ Beauty professional – share a tutorial for a “5 minute makeover” for everyday makeup or teach how to do a quick and easy up-do (please, someone teach me these things!).
+ Wedding Photographer – share a tip for your clients of different ways they can use their engagement session images or your best advice for what to look for when choosing where they will get dressed on their wedding day.
+ Professional Organizer – teach your audience how to organize their pantry or the best
+ Mama Blogger – share your favorite free things to do with a toddler in your city.
+ Calligrapher – show your process for how you pen your letters
+ Doula – share your best tips for how pregnant mama’s can stay comfortable in the upcoming summer months.

4) Share Personal Stories

Sharing personal stories are great for showing your personality and that can connect you to your audience. Generally, the key is to share stories that are relevant to the people that follow you and that will reinforce their purpose in following you. With that said, including personal stories in your Highlights that are totally random, but that give people an inside glimpse into what makes you special and unique…well, I say just go for it. Sometimes it the simplest of things can spark conversation and can form the beginnings of a relationship. Everyone can bond over that need for a second cup of coffee or splurging on your favorite dessert…am I right?!

5) Highlight News, Updates and New Products/Services

Consider dedicating one of your Highlights for you to share the latest happenings of your business…new or upcoming products, recent blog content, a giveaway that you are hosting, fun things that you are working on.

Guys! You made it!

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