Andi’s Internship Experience | Fall 2017

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Sweet Andi! We have SO enjoyed having Andi with us for the fall season as our intern and are so very grateful to her for all of her work. It definitely is hard to believe her time with us is already through, as it feels like it was just a minute ago that it was early September and she was starting. Andi, we are already missing you! Can’t wait to see all that you are going to do in your own business from here.

* Below are a few words from Andi of what she learned from her internship. 🙂

How in the world did the last three months go by so quickly? I applied for this internship during a season of searching for direction in both my personal life and creative business, having no idea that I would actually get it. My time with Cheyenne Schultz Photography has been full of learning opportunities, unique experiences, and so much grace. I’m leaving reenergized, inspired, and with a whole new sense of creative direction. I’ve picked my camera back up after months of leaving it on the shelf, and have found myself wanting to document all the ordinary and exciting moments happening all around me. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for this experience! Here are 4 things I’ve learned throughout my time as an intern:

  1. Invest in others. From the moment of my first interview, I was taken aback by the way Cheyenne and Erika both showed a genuine interest in me, my story, and what I brought to the table. I’ve felt like a part of their team from the beginning, and was amazed at the lengths they went to make me feel included. I’ve watched as they’ve worked to invest in relationships with other vendors, as well as their clients. Their example has been a challenge to me: I’m excited follow their example as I invest in those who partner with my business, other vendors, and even those I lead Young Life with, in a new, deeper way.

  2. Client Experience is EVERYTHING. I knew client experience was important to Cheyenne prior to this internship, but I’m not kidding when I say it is everything. Cheyenne loves her couples so well–from the moment they meet for the first time, and long after their wedding day is over. I’ve learned how the little things (like the importance of packaging details, client gifts, communication via email + handwritten notes) make all the difference when it comes to going “above and beyond” for clients. We talked about client experience in some way each day I was in the studio, and there were always opportunities to see client experience in action. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in my own business and serve my brides well!

  3. Have a system and stick to it.  Prior to this internship, I was struggling to stay organized and develop processes in my own business. On my first day, Cheyenne and Erika handed me an intern handbook that outlined every process I would need to know how to complete. Throughout my internship, I witnessed their systems for team meetings, goal setting, quarterly planning, client management, and day-to-day tasks. Having an organized system for everything prevents miscommunication, mix-ups, and makes every task so much easier. Also–they introduced me to Asana, and I will be forever grateful!

  4. Always offer grace. Cheyenne took a big risk hiring an intern that wasn’t 100% focused on photography. I asked a lot of questions, made quite a few mistakes, and needed help often, especially in the beginning! Cheyenne and Erika both offered grace continuously! Because they offered grace and were willing to let me try and learn, I am walking away from this internship with new knowledge and skills that I can use in my business, my marriage, and my personal life.

Cheyenne Schultz

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