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Christmastime is HERE! Next to the fall season, it’s the BEST time of the year. Y’all, I’m in hog heaven. Through the years, our little family has developed many traditions that happen during the month of December. Last year for my December goals, I shared those traditions. If you’d like to see what we do together as a family, check them out here.

Additionally, we are starting to scheme up some new traditions…especially as the kids get a little older. I was listening to this podcast about making Christmas meaningful and simple and really loved this mom’s ideas for the ways her and her husband have implemented traditions that take the focus off of “what I’m going to get for Christmas” and “me” focused and toward the spirit and gift of giving and helping others and kindness. Yes. More, more, more of this please. Y’all need to listen or just go check out the blog post.

My goals for the month of December:

Personal Goals (besides all of our Christmas traditions!)

+ Get Boone and his buddy from his class together. I know this kind of seems like a silly goal, but Boone has been begging me for weeks. It’s important to him, so I’m going to be intentional in reaching out to a mom that I don’t know to coordinate a time for them to play.

+ Plan “after Christmas” date with Geoff to reflect on the year and begin making plans for our family for 2018.

+ Finish “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story” book.

Business Goals

+ Continue using editorial calendars to blog all client work and Planoly for Instagram. Y’all stay tuned, as I still have THREE weddings to share before the year is over!

+ Complete all editing. We are close….closer than we ever have been in December.

+ Send client holiday gifts.

+ Go into Christmas break with an empty inbox.

+ Do all of the “end of the year” things – write my 2017 Recap blog post, post vendors in action pics on Facebook, Host CSP Team Night, write 2017 “behind the scenes/in action” blog post.



Happy December, friends! Let your heart be light! xoxo

Cheyenne Schultz

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