February Goals | 2017


Hellllllo, February! It’s going to be another full month, but I really think a great month. Since I never posted my January goals, I’ll just note what was accomplished.

Personal/Family – January

  • Celebrated our sweet Grey squirrel for his very first birthday.
  • Signed Boone up tee-ball for this spring.
  • Cleaned out and decorated guest room.
  • Hosted our friends, Luke and Jane for the weekend (and took her maternity pictures!).
  • Had family movie night…we watched Homeward Bound…it was a big hit!
  • Completed yard preparations for playset install (we’ve had it for two days…kids are obsessed).
  • Began new Wednesday and Sunday laundry schedule. So far, it’s working!
  • Started and kept up with meal planning each week.
  • Completed reading Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection.
  • Had our pictures taken by my dear friend and very talented photographer Alicia White.
  • Did “biometric screening” to have our cholesterol, etc. checked.
  • Stopped eating all of the sugary things that I love. Some days have been harder than others.

Business – January

  • Experimented with project management software (Trello and Asana…ultimately, chose Asana)
  • Got featured on the Southern Weddings Blog! See the feature here.
  • Implemented Duty Days. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for at least a year. Thank you, Katelyn James! Go to Katelyn’s blog to read about her duty day structure.
  • Had my first coaching session with my business coach, Lauren with Elle & Company.
  • Ordered new album samples – can’t wait to share.
  • Hired and met with our new bookkeeper.

Things to look forward to in February:

  • Savannah trip (to photograph an engagement session, but also for some time away with Geoff. Can’t. Wait.)
  • Charleston trip (photographing Emily and Greg’s wedding, but also going to try to see the Angel Oak Tree!)
  • Crew’s 4th birthday!
  • Faith Retreat in Raleigh.
  • Family movie night – happening this Friday…we are thinking Zootopia. Popcorn and a treat…the kids LOVE family movie night.

And my goals for the month:

Personal – February

  • Make a decision for our anniversary trip and book the trip.
  • House projects galore (fix fixture in our kitchen, clean out two closets, begin cleaning out garage, baby proof everything, organize file cabinet).
  • Spend intentional time with my baby Grey on his mama day before he starts “school” next month. 🙁
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids (we usually do heart shaped breakfast, a new Valentine’s Day book and a small treat).

Business – February

  • Make progress on updating our Studio Manual.
  • Finalize 2017 client gifts and send out Valentine’s Day gifts (keep an eye out in the mail 2017 brides and grooms!).
  • Complete second shooting training schedule for Erika.
  • Set up my email list.
  • Implement blogging calendar (hoping to blog regularly once/week with helpful content for photographers and other creatives).
  • Make progress on client magazine.

Hope y’all have a great month!

Cheyenne Schultz

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