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August 2nd and I am blogging my goals…not too shabby.

I’ll be honest…between Geoff’s ACL surgery and prepping our house to get on the market, July just about killed me. Instead of go into details about how hard it was, I’ll just say that I am beyond thankful that Geoff is healing well and the house went under contract after just about 10 days. Thank you, God. Here the quick run down of what I accomplished last month:

+ Had our 3rd quarter business planning meeting and team pedicures

+ Attended Staff Advance at our church (one of my most favorite days of the year!)

+ Photographed opening weekend of our Ballantyne location at our church

+ Took off to the mountains for a couple days of retreat with some of my photographer girlfriends

+ Made progress on Boone’s “before kindergarten” bucket list (saw fireworks, got King of Pops, went to Discovery Place Kids, Sky High Sports for the trampoline, Monkey Joes and saw Finding Dory

+ Photographed the newborn baby of my friends, The Hollingsworths, in the hospital

+ Started using our date night envelopes. Had a great date of dinner at Heist Brewery, a walk around NoDa with popsicles and a game of air hockey (I whopped him 7-2!)

+ Got Crew signed up and started on her first ever ballet class

+ Updated Grey’s baby book

August Goals:


1. Move. I am determined to make the move this month as stress-free as possible. We are packing up our house slowly, but surely.

2. Boone Turns Six. I can’t wait to celebrate this little sheep’s birthday. Guys, I’m going to have a SIX year old!

3. Intentional Family and Mama Days. I want to cry every time I think about the fact that these last few Wednesdays are my last few Mama Days with Boone before he starts kindergarten. It’s important to me that I am intentional with the time that I have left and want to make these last few days really special.

4. Date Night. Again, even with how crazy this month might turn out, we will make it a point to keep on with our date night envelopes.

5. Boone’s “Before Kindergarten” Bucketlist. We made it together last month, now it’s time to get going on it. A few things I am particularly looking forward to: Teaching Boone how to ride his bike with no training wheels, catching fireflies in the front yard (he always looks forward to this) and a water balloon fight.


1. Organize Files and Paperwork. I have roughly 3 big boxes of paperwork that I have collected and never sorted. I am determined not to move any of it until each piece is in it’s place.

2. Plan Website Launch Sequence. During our third quarter planning meeting, we made some big plans for how and when to complete the website. Folks, we have a launch date. The all new and improved brand will launch on Friday – October 7th at 10am EST! Yes, it seems like far off, but we’ve got a lot of work to do in between now and then, which includes a lot of fun things for launch month! Stay tuned.

3. Shoot a Little Bit of Film. That is happening this weekend at a big wedding we are shooting in Asheville at Biltmore Estate.

4. Create Collateral. We’ve got quite a few projects to complete for our collateral for the new brand. (Preview shown in the silk ribbons above!

It’s going to be a GREAT month!


Also, you’re going to want to tune in through Facebook Live next Monday – August 8th @ 8PM EST. Geoff and I will be going on there for a few minutes with a pretty big business announcement. AND, to make it extra fun, we will be giving away a $20 gift card to Duck Donuts for a live attendee. You should join us!

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