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Yes, I am fully aware that we are already nearing mid-October and I am just getting my goals up. However, we still have three weeks left in the month to enjoy and accomplish! I, for one, am SO happy for the chillier weather and that it seems the rain is finally going away for a bit.  Anyway, here’s what we’ve got going for October.


1. Attend Pursuit Conference. This was my first time attending Pursuit (a creative/entrepreneur Christian conference)…it did not disappoint. There is another one coming up in April if you are interested – site can be found HERE.

2. Mini Sessions. In addition to the three weddings we are photographing this month, we’ve got our first set of mini sessions coming up in less than two weeks. While we are sold out of session slots, there are many of my photographer friends that are still offering sessions.  Check out THIS FRIEND and THIS FRIEND.

3. Overhaul Coaching Worksheets. It’s time to take all of the content I’ve created for my coaching sessions and make them pretty. Thanks to graphic designer Colleen Tunis, that is happening.

4. Branding Calendar. To make sure my rebrand gets launched before the year is over, I need to “braindump” all outstanding projects and make a plan for getting it all done.

5. 90 Day Plan. Actually, there are only 80 (!) days left before the end of the year, so an 80 Day Plan it is. Between business, family and soon coming baby, there is much to be done.  I always feel more capable if I can put the pen to the paper and map out a plan. I know it’s going to fly by.


1. House Projects. Not only are we planning to combine the kid’s rooms this month, but we need to get some painting and projects done at our townhome before our new renters move in.

2. Read Through the Eyes of a Lion. Can’t wait to read Levi Lusko’s new book about “facing impossible pain and finding incredible power”.

3. All Things Fall. Halloween cookies, visit to the pumpkin patch, see the hot air balloons at the Carolina Balloon Fest (this weekend!), watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” about 100 times, carve pumpkins, make pumpkin bread, etc. etc.

Here’s to a great month!

+ If any of you post your monthly goals, please post a link in the comments – I love reading what others are up to!

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