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Y’all remember, Mary Jane?  Maybe not, as I don’t think I have blogged about her…only Instagrammed.  Allow me to introduce you to sweet Mary Jane.  🙂

Mary Jane came into our lives this past January after I saw her story posted on the Halfway There Rescue Facebook Page.  She had broken free from the pen she was living in, was hit by a car and then drug herself back home using her front paws.  After her owner determined he would be unable to pay for the expenses necessary to help her, she was surrendered to the rescue group.  At the emergency vet, it was determined that she had a broken pelvis and leg.

The rescue group was looking for someone to care for Mary Jane while she recovered for 6 weeks. Being that we were in the off-season for business, we felt compelled to help and took her in. She was a total wreck when she arrived; we had to carry her everywhere for weeks.

After about a month of staying with us, we took her back to the vet for a follow-up visit. They were concerned that she hadn’t yet started walking, so they did a full body x-ray, to which they determined her back was broken as well and likely would never walk again. We were devastated.

Against the odds, Mary Jane did recover and is able to walk, run and play just like any normal dog. She loves sunbathing, taking naps around the house and chasing squirrels in the backyard.  🙂

At this point, we are helping Mary Jane find her forever home (and are really hoping to do that before this baby arrives in January!). She has been through so much and deserves the very best in a home that she can live out her days.

If you or someone you know are interested in adopting Mary Jane, please send an email to  Also, we would really appreciate it if you would share this post (hit the “share” button below) or her video on any social media sites.  Thank you for helping us!

Cheyenne Schultz

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