Sky Top Orchard | 2015

The Schultzes

This past Friday we ventured to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC for some apple picking. This is our third year going (see 2013 here and 2014 here) and has become an outing that our family has really come to look forward to. This year’s trip was met with more toddler breakdowns than usual, but hey…you can’t win them all.  🙂

A friend of mine texted me asking what she needed to know for when she took her family to Sky Top for the first time. So I thought I would share those words here too in case someone else found them helpful. Here are some quick tips for visiting Sky Top:

+ If at all possible, visit on a Friday (or other weekday). While we haven’t been on a weekend to experience it for ourselves, I’ve heard that Saturdays in particular can be quite busy and crowded.

+ Bring cash. Sky Top is cash only, but they do have an ATM onsite. There is no entry fee, but you’ll certainly want some cash for the delicious apple cider donuts, the tractor ride around the property and apples, of course. They also have a great selection of mixes, jams, etc. for purchase.

+ Wear boots. If you have them, wear them…especially if they are waterproof, as the orchards can be a little wet.

+ Leave the stroller. Our first year going, Crew was just a baby, so we brought the stroller out into the orchards with us. Mistake. It is very hilly and bumpy, making strollers impractical. Consider wearing your baby instead.

+ Bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer. There are no bathrooms with running water – just outhouses. They provided hand sanitizer this time, but I would bring some along just in case.  The wet wipes are great to clean up grubby little toddler hands after apple cider donut eating.

+ Wear layers. We’ve found September weather in the mountains to be cool upon arrival in the morning, but then get toastier as we have neared lunchtime and have been out walking in the orchards. Layers are a must.

+ Visit downtown Flat Rock for lunch. I’m not a big BBQ fan, but Geoff loves Hubba Hubba Smokehouse, which has a great outdoor seating area for kids to eat and run around. I’m a fan of Flat Rock Village Bakery, which is right next to it.

Until next year, Sky Top Orchard!

We recently gave Boone an old point and shoot digital camera that we had. He has been loving taking pictures of any and everything.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Jamey says:

    I love Skytop! We’ve been going for three years too! Saturday mornings are empty for the first three hours, but it does get crowded as soon as noon hits which is usually when we leave. I’m going next Saturday and am so excited. Thank you for sharing about the smokehouse & bakery, I had no idea those were even there! I love the pictures by the way 🙂


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