Grandview Vacay Portraits | 2015

The Schultzes


Before we parted ways and headed back home from Grandview Vacay 2015, we couldn’t resist doing some super mini mini-sessions for each other.

Toni and Chris are expecting their first baby (a boy!) this January. 

GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0002 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0003

Nancy and Will welcomed their first baby (Milly!) at the end of May.  Sweetest and cutest little family.

GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0005 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0006 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0007 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0008

And thank you so much to Nancy for taking these pictures of Geoff and I with our little baby.  🙂

GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0009 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0010 GrandviewVacay2015_Portraits_0011

Cheyenne Schultz

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