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I love thinking back to 2005 when Geoff first moved here from Savannah, Georgia.  He was just out of school and got his first job at a design studio here in Charlotte doing motion graphics. He only knew one person…a friend from college that also moved to Charlotte at the same time and knew no one.  After we got engaged 9 months later, I moved to Charlotte as well…also friendless.

I look at our life now and the people that God has brought into it through the past 10 years…and I’m pretty much floored at the friendships we have had.  Not just surface level, smile politely friendships, but honest to goodness know-the-depths-of-our-hearts-and-they-still-love-us friendships.  That is special. That is a gift. Such a gift.

One of the greatest blessings that has come from this business is the friends that I have made in fellow photographers.  Again, not just get together to “talk shop” photographer friends, but photographer friends that we get to do life with regularly and that I love dearly.  The second week of February, I got to take a couple days away in Asheville, North Carolina for a girls trip with some of those photographer friends.  We rented a “treehouse” through Airbnb and hit the road.  We laughed and cried and ate doughnuts at Hole and drank tea and danced and talked business and rode a backyard zipline.  And we took pictures….just for fun.

Goodness gracious, I am thankful.

My friend, Megan posted some of her images on her blog HERE. Go see.

Escape2Perdue_0002 Escape2Perdue_0003 Escape2Perdue_0004 Escape2Perdue_0005This is me dancing.  You’re welcome.Escape2Perdue_0006 Escape2Perdue_0007 Escape2Perdue_0008 Escape2Perdue_0009 Escape2Perdue_0010 Escape2Perdue_0011 Escape2Perdue_0012 Escape2Perdue_0013 Escape2Perdue_0014 Escape2Perdue_0015 Escape2Perdue_0016 Escape2Perdue_0018 Escape2Perdue_0019 Escape2Perdue_0020 Escape2Perdue_0021 Escape2Perdue_0022

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Megan Gielow says:

    Love these and you so much! Incredibly grateful for your friendship and our community.


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