Foundation For The Carolinas Wedding – Liz + Max


FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0001bWe are more than delighted to share Liz and Max’s wedding today.

These two were married in July at the Foundation For The Carolinas.  For a July wedding we’d normally expect a sweltering hot and humid day, but as it turned out, the high on wedding day was a mild 82 degrees.  Unfortunately, it also turned into quite the rainy day.  Thank goodness, we had quite the accommodating, patient and kind bride and groom when it came to our portrait time.  🙂  I’ll apologize in advance for the many, many pictures posted of Liz….she was absolutely gorgeous.

I have to give a special shout out to Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers.  This was our first time working with her and goodness, were we blown away.  Her work is exquisite.  I couldn’t stop photographing all of the floral loveliness.

Congratulations, Liz and Max.  We wish y’all every happiness together!


Planner/Designer – Come+Together Events

Bride’s hair/makeup – Who’s the Fairest

Bride’s dress – Martina Liana purchased from J Major’s

Bride’s veil – Tessa Kim

Groom/Groomsmen attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Bow Ties – High Cotton

Florals – Philosophy Flowers

Invitations/Table Numbers – Elizabeth Rose

DJ – Split Second Sound

Catering – Best Impressions

Cake – Sky’s The Limit

Linens – Party Reflections

Pedicab – R&R Pedicab Company
FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0002 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0003 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0004 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0005 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0006 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0007 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0008 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0009 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0010 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0011 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0012 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0013 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0014 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0015 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0016 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0017 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0018 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0019 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0020 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0021 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0023 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0024 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0025 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0026 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0027 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0028 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0029 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0030 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0031 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0032 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0033 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0034 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0035 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0036 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0037 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0038 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0039 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0040 FoundationForTheCarolinasWedding_LizMax_0041

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. liz says:

    Stunning! Thank you so much for capturing our big day! And it doesn’t look like it’s pouring rain at all 😉 Thanks for being such a trooper too – I know you weren’t feeling great.


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