Baby Callahan – Birth Day



Meet Callahan (“Cal”) Ryan Hutchins.

Photographing his delivery for my friends Katrina and Hutch was an honor and an experience that I’ll never forget.  Katrina was so amazing.  Truly, she was.  Up until the point of pushing, it seemed like this would be a textbook, easy delivery.  Through many, many hours of exhausting on and off pushing, she never once got frustrated or grew hopeless.  Such grace through it all.  At one point her epidural stopped working, which left her in a lot of pain.  She handled it so well…took every contraction one at a time and breathed through them so beautifully.

The moment he finally came out was the most precious of moments.  Seeing the tears fall from both Katrina and Hutch as they looked on at their son was so special to witness.  It was actually a struggle to keep shooting through my own tears.  These two are going to be such incredible parents to Cal.

Here are a few of my favorite images from Katrina’s labor and post-delivery, as well as a short video of the day below.

Note: all images and video posted with Katrina and Hutch’s consent.  🙂

CallahanBirthDay_0002 CallahanBirthDay_0003 CallahanBirthDay_0004 CallahanBirthDay_0005 CallahanBirthDay_0006 CallahanBirthDay_0007


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  1. Melissa Tuck says:

    Tears flowing! Such a sweet video. Love the photos!


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