Jessica + Preston – Proposal


CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0001I don’t think we could possibly be more excited for our friends, Jessica and Preston.  They got engaged last week and will wed in just four weeks time!  Photographing Preston’s proposal to Jessica at Not Just Coffee was, no doubt, a highlight of my year.

Love you guys!

+ Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to watch a short video of their engagement morning!
CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0002 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0003 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0004 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0005 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0006 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0007 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0008 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0009 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0010 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0011 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0012 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0013 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0014 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0015CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_JessicaPrestonProposal_0016

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Katie Marentes says:

    You guys, this is so lovely!!!

  2. Alicia White says:

    seriously? this put the biggest smile on my face. the cutest!

  3. Kelly says:

    This just made my morning! So very sweet!!

  4. Nichoal Enright says:

    Love this- what a great couple! Congratulations Preston and Jess!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh my cuteness! Complete chills…just beautiful! xo

  6. Kristi Pope says:

    yup, permagrin happening right now 🙂 awesome job as always!

  7. Jodi says:

    Jessica, congrats to you and Preston! I’m so happy that you have found the love of your life! Stay Happy forever. Cheers.

    Love, Jodi.

  8. Glenna says:

    Simply beautiful!! Congratulations Jessica and Preston! So happy for you both! Love how the moment that you will cherish in your hearts forever was captured beautifully in pictures and video!

    Love to you both!
    Glenna, Nicholas, Reaghan & Griffin

  9. Nicole says:

    I adore this. This is just amazing!!!!! <3


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