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Yesterday we returned from one of our favorite cities – Savannah, Georgia.  Our primary purpose for being there was to photograph Lindy and Jason’s wedding day (see a preview from their day HERE), but thanks to Geoff’s parents for keeping our kids and A Bark Above for keeping our dogs, we were able to extend our trip by a couple of days to rest and have a little fun.

Highlights of our trip include:

+ Hanging out with The Whitlows of Two Cents Photo + Film, who were there doing the video for the wedding.  The came in a day early, so we were able to spend some QT with them eating, exploring Savannah and texting some of the ugliest selfies imaginable back and forth to one another.  Geoff and I are so grateful to know them and hope they are in our lives for a long time.  🙂

+ Eating sweet potato fries from The Distillery.  Oh man.  So.  Good.  I’m not ashamed to tell you that I think I made Geoff go with me three different times to get them.  They were worth it.

+ Sleeping in and cable tv.  We found a pretty sweet loft through Lucky Savannah to rent for our stay and throughly enjoyed it.

+ Relaxing at our favorite coffee shop – Gallery Espresso.

+ Geoff’s selfie bombs on River Street and City Market.  Exhibit A.  Exhibit B.  Exhibit C.  We were hysterical.  He even got one on wedding day with the bride and groom.

+ Having brunch with our friends Amy and Josh (they are quite the talented pair…if you want to have your mind blown, go here to see Amy’s paintings).  I can’t say it was the best service, but the company was exceptional.

I personally enjoyed my time completing my first assignment for the “Art of Styling” class I am taking through The Define School.  The assignment was focused on awakening my senses to the beauty that exists everywhere around me and then to photograph it.  The above posted image is the one I submitted as my homework.  We had just arrived to Savannah and were walking from our loft to get dinner (sweet potato fries Round 1) when I glanced over to the abandoned building we went by.  Along its side was an empty lot full of flowers…errrr….weeds.  🙂  I noticed how the breeze and light were hitting them and promptly sat myself down on the dirty curb of the street to try my hand at capturing what I was seeing.  The above shot is the result.  I was pleased.

Here are a few other images I photographed in my quest to find beauty (I particularly love this first one of my husband enjoying his coffee) :
Savannah2014_0002 Savannah2014_0003 Savannah2014_0004 Savannah2014_0005Until next time, Savannah.


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Jade Payne says:

    I want to buy a little print of that lion knocker. Do you sell prints, Cheyenne?

    • I would be happy to sell you a print, Jade. Our print prices:

      4×6 – $10
      5×7 – $15
      8×10 – $25
      11×14 – $50
      16×20 – $75

      Just shoot me an email if you’d like to move forward. 🙂


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