Lindy and Jason – Charlotte Engagement Session


CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0001Yesterday I received a small package in the mail.  It was from Savannah.  And really, it didn’t even matter what was in it…it was from Savannah, so I was pumped.  See, I love ALL things about Savannah.  So of course, I figured the contents of the package had to be good.  🙂

I was not disappointed.  This package was from Lindy and Jason.  They sent us…..Gallery Brownies (AKA the best brownies in the free world).  I may have shrieked when the ziploc brownie baggie slid into my hands.  SHRIEKED.

I mean….could they be any more thoughtful?  I’m not at all surprised by this gesture, as Lindy is always sending me encouraging and thoughtful text messages.  Text messages that always brighten my day.

Thank goodness it is almost wedding time for these two…because I don’t want to have to wait any longer!  Geoff and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their Savannah wedding next month.

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0002 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0003 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0004

Prior to the shoot, Lindy told me they were up for anything.  In a last minute decision, I had both Lindy and Jason separately send us an email listing their top ten reasons they love the other without telling the other person.  Geoff and I created these little books for them and had them read their reasons to the other person during the session.  🙂

CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0005 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0006 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0007 CharlotteWeddingPhotographer_LindyJasonEpics_0008


See you guys soon….very soon.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Ryan Shirkman says:

    Beautiful photos and great idea with the books too! This was perfect!

  2. Casey says:

    Love these two so much! Gorgeous photos, you guys. See you next month!


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