The Schultzes 2014 Equipment Sale

For Photographers


One of our business goals this year is to simplify/upgrade our shooting equipment.  With that, I give you The Schultzes 2014 Equipment Sale!  🙂  A few things to note:

1) Please inquire for shipping fees if you are unable to do a local pick-up.

2) Paypal fees are included in the listed prices.

Please let me know if there are any follow-up questions!


1.  5D Mark II (body only) – $1900

Description: This body has been our workhorse, which resulted in a lot of shutter actuations.  In January, we paid to have the shutter replaced at Canon.  To our delight, they also replaced the LCD screen.  The body is in great condition.

2.  50mm 1.2 lens – $1200 – SOLD

Description: In effort to slim down “what’s in our bag”, we are letting go of one of our 50mm 1.2 lenses.  We actually love this lens…always have, probably always will.  We originally bought it new from B&H in August 2009.  Last month we had it cleaned, checked and serviced at Canon.  We use it mostly for portraits and detail shots.

I took this shot last night in our front yard using 5D Mark II (for sale above) at the following settings:



ISO 125


Here is one more using the same set up, just different angle:



ISO 125

5012Test_13.  Sigma 50mm 2.8 Macro – $250 – SOLD

Description:  This is a great little macro lens.  After we purchased the Canon macro many years ago, this 50 began collecting dust in a box somewhere.  It’s time she goes to a new home.  She’s in great condition. We used to use this lens for many of our detail shots on wedding day…especially the rings.  🙂

I took this shot in my front yard last night using the following settings (manual focus):



ISO 1600


4.  Canon 24mm 1.4 – $1500

Description: I think we made a semi-reckless decision with this purchase.  We bought this lens just this past September new from B&H.  While I appreciate the extra width it gives me when I need it, I find myself always preferring to use our 35mm.  We’re just not using it often enough to justify the price tag.  The lens is in near perfect condition.  It’s condition is very much “like new”.

Here are a couple of shots from a wedding we used it for this past July:



ISO 1250





ISO 1600


5.  580 EX II flashes – TWO for sale – $400 each – One SOLD

Description: These flashes have done us well for many years, but it is time to upgrade to the 600EX-RT.  They are both in great condition.  I believe we bought them new from B&H in 2009.

6.  Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack – $100

Description: This guy works great – we just don’t have a need for it.  We purchased it new from B&H many years ago (probably 2008), but it was used only a handful of times.


That’s it for now – thanks!





Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi! I am interested in both the 5D mark II and your lenses! What else do you need from me?

    ps I won one of your giveaways right before your rebranding and I am so so enjoying all my goodies! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Kyla Reinbold says:

    I would love that macro lens!


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