March Goals


After two months of not blogging my goals, I am back on the train.  Here we go, March.  🙂



1.  Enact a daily schedule for emailing times.  I know I’m not alone in feeling that email has taken over my life.  Setting specific times to tackle my inbox each day and then sticking to those times is a must.

2.  Sell off equipment.  Look for a blog post tomorrow with details.

3.  Taxes.  Bleh.  Need to gather all of our stuff to send to the CPA.  Bleh.

4.  Speak at Elevation Photography Team meeting.  

5.  New pricing guide.  Now that our new blogsite is launched, it’s time to make sure all of our collateral pieces are up to speed.  The pricing guide is priority.

6.  Mentor Sessions.  I have really enjoyed offering these sessions.  Last month I did three; this month I have another.  I have a couple of available dates left – details can be found here.

7.  Complete and send out vendor promotional kits.  This has been a big project – once it’s complete, I’ll share more here.



1.  Photograph Crew.  Baby girl deserves a few pictures of herself that are better than iPhone quality.

2.  Crash the Chatterbox.  My e-group through our church is going through this book over the next couple of months.  I’m really looking forward to “crashing the chatterbox” in my head.  Goodness knows, I need it.

3.  Date night.  We have a giftcard for Firebirds that we’ll use for dinner, but I want to do something else a little not typical (and something inexpensive!).  Any ideas?

4.  Spring bucketlist.  Geoff and I made a bucketlist this past Fall and really loved having an intentional plan for how we could make the most of our weekends with the kids.  Spring is nearly sprung and we are excited to make some new plans.

5.  Exercise.  Go to bootcamp/cardio funk at least once/week and go neighborhood walking with the fam at least once/week.

6.  Crew’s journal.  I have a journal that I write to Boone in occasionally to give to him when he is older.  It has prayers that I pray for him, life lessons that I’ve learned and a record of select memories as he grows.  I finally picked out a journal for Crew to begin the same thing.  The artwork isn’t exactly my taste, but I do really like the message, as it is one of my greatest prayers for her: Be Filled With Joy (journal seen below – I purchased it at Paper Source).


If you post your monthly goes, please feel free to share a link in the comments below – I’d love to see what you are up to this month.  🙂






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