Happy First Birthday, Crew!

The Schultzes

It’s true.  Our baby girl turned one year old.

Last Friday we celebrated our Crew with heart shaped biscuits for breakfast, a round of “happy birthday to you” and a cake of her own.  A cake that was meant for her to smash into, but that sat there…untouched.  She hated even the thought of touching that cake.

CrewTurnsOneMany thanks to my husband for piecing together these clips of Crew’s first year of life.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Corley says:

    So beautiful, as always! 🙂

  2. MelissaJoy says:

    Oh man, you know this make me tear up like crazy. What a beautiful girl!!!

  3. Kristi pope says:

    So beautiful! Amazing to have that to share down the road.

  4. caroline says:

    my face hurts so much from smiling at this. Just TOO TOO perfect. And priceless.

  5. Melissa Tuck says:

    CUTEST KIDS ALIVE. This video was so touching. She’s going to appreciate it SO much when she’s older! Love.

  6. “that’s baby Crew!”

    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! -love the Lannings

  7. Kara Hollinger says:

    So beautiful and sweet. You guys are so incredibly talented at capturing life’s most beautiful moments! Playing one of my favorite songs even pulled me in closer to watch it again and again 🙂

  8. Heather B says:

    This is just beautiful. You guys are both so talented and those sweet babies are lucky to have these videos to look back on one day. Happy birthday to that beautiful little lady!

  9. Megan Gielow says:

    Love watching these every year. Crew is the cutest baby!!! Happy first birthday to her!

  10. happiest of birthdays sweet, crew!

  11. Paige Jones says:

    omgah! sweetest thing ever.

  12. Nancy Ray says:

    Happy birthday Crew! Love you LOTS, sweet girl!

  13. Denise Correia says:

    That was Amazing! She is so darn cute. Loved it.

  14. Julie Stepp says:

    Ugh, just laughed and cried at the same time! So beautiful! Little Crew girl…..

  15. mandie miller says:

    so let me explain to you what these videos do to me. i am VERY done having children…two and through for our little family. and i’m sooooooooooooo content with this decision. UNTIL yall post a video, and i start to think about the newborn smell and soft skin, and the bouncing of the bottom in the air and they learn to crawl, and the gummy and then all too soon, toothy grin. and my uterus screams for another baby. i will NOT be swayed, but i will say, bravo! your videos do just what your pictures do…evoke emotions in the best of ways. xoxoxo
    happy birthday crew! and gorgeous cake too!

  16. Happy 1st birthday, Crew baby girl !!
    I luv luv the video !! So cute Cheyenne !!

  17. Too hard to type anything …wait until I dry my face…I love those two grandchildren of mine and I thank God, I have a son and daughter-in-law who have a gift for preserving their journey in such an artful way. Thank you, Lord for the gift of life and for the talents used by your two children crafting the story in your name. Beautiful.

  18. Patrick says:

    Great video! Love the edits and the music was beautiful, love that version of the song you chose. What a happy baby! Beautiful just like her parents!


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