December Goals


Oh, how I love December.  Here is the game plan for the month:
1.  Christmastime is HERE.  I have a whole heap of fun Christmastime things we’ll be doing this month, but I’ve decided to save those for a separate blog post.  MAN, I love Christmas!  
2.  Gift shopping.  Complete the rest of my Christmas shopping by the end of this coming weekend.  It can and will be done.  
3.  Our Life By The Year books.  This has been on the list of things to do for years….YEARS.  Geoff and I have wanted to create a book of images that recap each year of our life together for so long now…for long enough.  Over Thanksgiving break I created our 2009 book and ordered it through Artifact Uprising.  I would LOVE to use our Christmas break to create another.  
4.  Growth Chart.  Finish up the Ruler Growth Chart (similar to these) we started last month.  The wood has been stained, but that’s as far as we got.  Need to finish this project up to start recording the height of these quickly growing kids.
5.  Find Stockings.  I’m on the hunt for some really cute, neutral colored, affordable stockings (around $20 each would be great).  We are thinking we would like for each stocking to be different.  So far, I’ve found this one (but bigger) from Target, this one from West Elm, this other one from West Elm, and this one from World Market.  I should probably look on Etsy too.  I haven’t committed to any yet, as I’m afraid they won’t go together.  Anyone have any great stocking leads for me?  πŸ™‚
6.  Potty Train.  Oh boy.  Here we go.  It’s definitely time.  It’s actually been time for awhile now, but we weren’t about to undertake potty training during our busiest time of the year.  So, while it isn’t the ideal way I’d prefer to spend my Christmas break, it must be done.  Alright, mamas and daddies….any tips/preferred methods to share with us?  
1.  Edit.  While I would love to go into the new year with a clean editing slate, I’m just not sure that is realistic.  I do plan to continue to buckle down to get as much as I possibly can done before 2014 hits.  That is a tall order.
2. Holiday gifts.  I just love giving our couple’s gifts…especially in the holiday season.  We also need to finish up our card and get that sent out.  Another tall order.  
3.  Email.  Oh, that blasted email.  I need…NEED to get my inbox to zero before the end is here.   
* If you blog your monthly goals, please feel free to link back your post in the comments…I would love to read what some of your goals are for the month!  
Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving 2013.  Sweet, sweet times with this family of mine.  



Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. krista says:

    i love your guys photography – don’t remember how i found your blog… but i enjoy reading it when i have time! i blogged a few months back about potty training… if you’re interested here’s the link ~ Good Luck!

  2. krista says:

    I love reading your blog when i have time! I really enjoy your photography ~ we have 2 little ones (soon to be 3!) i blogged a month or so ago about our adventures in potty training if you’re interested!

  3. Julie says:

    LOVE all of those stockings! I found neutral ones (like the first one from target, but bigger) at joann’s fabrics. Also, pottery barn and pottery barn kids have some cute neutrals right now too!

  4. Sheila says:

    Cheyenne- Love your blogs, especially the ones about your monthly goals! Thanks for the artifact uprising link, I’m now in love with this company!!

  5. Corley says:

    I love your sweet family πŸ™‚ Merry Merry Christmas-time to all of you!

  6. Kerri says:

    stocking lead…I got amazing stockings from a girl in Boone…her business is The stockings are all made from old sweaters. They are so different but yet all complement each other. Love them:)

  7. Paige Jones says:

    love those B&Ws of Boone and Geoff! Good luck potty training…wish I had tips for ya πŸ˜‰
    here’s my goals post:

  8. Nancy Ray says:

    I love you and your sweet family. I am right there with you on all these “tall orders” – good grief business and family and life is crazy and wonderful this time of year! Let’s roll up our sleeves and DO THIS! xoxo My goals are up :

  9. Potttery barn has nice stockings (but I think they are pretty $$ high). Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to see how your album comes out with Artifact Uprising. I’ve been wanting to start a book as well. I can’t even get my boys baby book started. haha. One day. My goals are up!

  10. Karen says:

    I saw some great stockings at Lowes store for a very reasonable price! Who would have guessed.


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