I Woke Up Today…

The Schultzes


+ I woke up today.  I am blessed.

+ I have a God that never leaves me…no matter what wrong I do, no matter how far I run from Him.  I am blessed.

+ I have a husband who loves me.  I am blessed.
+ I have two healthy and adorable babies.  I am blessed.
+ I can pick up, hug and kiss my babies because I am physically healthy and able.  I am blessed.
+ My husband and I both do work that we love, fulfills us and that we can find purpose in.  I am blessed.
+ I go to a church that challenges me, encourages me and fuels me.  I am blessed.
+ I am surrounded and influenced by some really incredible people.  Some really incredible friends.  I am blessed.
I will be thankful for the big things.  I will be thankful for the small things.
I will not take this life for granted.  

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Alicia White says:

    Ahhhhhh!!! This post made my heart literally explode. Thank you for the reminder today xox Heart u and your sweet family!!

  2. Loren Webb says:

    Amazing pictures. So true too how blessed we are. Thanks for the reminder !!

  3. Nancy Ray says:

    I love you Cheyenne. You are such a beautiful person, I’m so grateful to call you friend. Thank you for this wonderful reminder – we have SO much to be thankful for. xoxo give Boone & Crew kisses for me!!!

  4. I adore this post so much, Cheyenne! Such a great reminder to just stop and recognize how God’s favor is on us. I need to do more of that. You are one amazing woman! XO

  5. alyse says:

    you are as good as they get 🙂

  6. Jenny J Cook says:

    You are good people, Cheyenne! This is a wonderful post. (And your family is just beautiful!)

  7. Christina says:

    AMEN! celebrating the every day!

  8. Melissa Tuck says:

    I love Crew’s little belly and Boone’s gorgeous locks! Adorable family.

  9. Man oh man, that shot of Geoff and Crew.. my heart is full. Love you and your honesty, friend!

  10. Corrie Secamiglio says:

    What a beautiful family, Cheyenne!!!


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