Lauren and Jack



Lauren and Jack.  I so loved photographing these two.  
The pair have been playing the long distance relationship game for some time now – she, here in Charlotte; Jack, in Los Angeles.  I know they seriously can’t wait for their March wedding day to get here so they can begin their new life in California together.  Truly, I couldn’t be more excited for them.  
Lauren is *extra* special to our family, as she is not only sister to our talented friend and filmmaker, Jared, but she has been a caretaker for our Boone and our dogs many a time.  There were even a couple times this past season that she would care for Boone while he was sick, but we had to shoot a wedding.  I was always beyond grateful to have the peace of mind that he was being loved while we had to be away.
When Lauren told me she wanted their engagement session to be super simple / super relaxed at her cozy little home as they made breakfast together and hung out, I was totally up for it.  
LaurenJackEpics_0002.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0003.jpgThis is basically my life motto.
LaurenJackEpics_0007.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0008.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0009.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0010.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0011.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0012.jpgSeriously, how cozy is this living room?
LaurenJackEpics_0013.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0014.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0015.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0016.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0017.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0018.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0019.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0020.jpgLaurenJackEpics_0021.jpgWrapping things up meant an outfit change and a step out into the street of the front yard.  Love it.
Lauren and Jack – I am so happy for you guys – congratulations! πŸ™‚

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Hannah Elise says:

    oh man, love the sweet, cozy simplicity of these! adorable.

  2. Melissa Tuck says:

    My absolute favorite to date. So many precious, quiet moments. Love!

  3. Beautiful. I love how the setting shows a more relaxed, “everyday” part of their relationship. Makes for very intimate shots. Great work Cheyenne.

  4. i love love love this. so natural and sweet πŸ™‚

  5. jamie says:

    oooh what a fun session! love this cheyenne. so personal.

  6. haley george says:

    these are so stinking dreamy and cozy and real. love love them, cheyenne!

  7. Michelle says:

    I love this shoot!!! Very beautifully done. The black and white looking into the kitchen is a favorite. Lovely.

  8. Patti Thomas says:

    So beautiful. Got me all teared up. So happy for them.

  9. kelsey tice says:

    What a beautiful session!

  10. Allison Kuhn says:

    OMG IN LOVE with these!

  11. Mary Sheedy says:

    THIS! This is my most favorite of your sessions yet! Wonderful. Gorgeous work Chey. I’m going back to look again πŸ™‚

  12. Stephanie Tremper says:

    Wow, so cute Jack. Congratulations & God bless you two.

  13. I’m a huge fan of you and Geoff’s work; I honestly think this is one of my favourite engagement shoots you’ve taken. It’s so natural, the colour is majestic and the feel is so relaxed. You should definitely do more shoots like these – amazing.

  14. as always, these are fantastic. love the editing you’re doing with these.

  15. Marilyn Tremper says:

    I’ve fallen in Love with Your Love…………… shows in the simplest most profound way.


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