It’s Friday morning.  And a great Friday morning it is.  Boone slept in until 8am, which made it an extra great start.  We’ve managed to eat our french toast with no breakdowns or throwing of food and now Boone is in front of me at the coffee table simultaneously dancing to the music on his “laptop” and putting his Thomas trains into their station.  The dogs are still upstairs sleeping with Geoff (he worked late last night), which makes it especially peaceful to not hear rabid barking every time someone walks by outside or a loud truck drives by.  
And if all that couldn’t be better….this is an extra great Friday morning because it is marks the first Friday since my aversion to Starbucks has left me.  Which means I will be breaking my “no pumpkin spice latte until October 1st” rule to feast on a grande.  I don’t care that it still feels like summer outside.  I’m going to wear my boots and scarf and drink my latte like it’s fall.  Goodness, fall can’t get here fast enough.  
I have a lot of stuff to blog….that I’d really like to blog.  I miss regular blogging.  Being so sick from the pregnancy has put me pretty far behind with all things business, so getting back in the groove of blogging has been a slower start.  Last night I decided to take a couple of minutes to edit a few “us” pictures.  When I came across the above shot, my heart about burst.  I just love that child.  Especially when he grabs my face like that and stands up on his tippy toes for a kiss.  Recently we’ve taught him how to do “eskimo kisses” with our noses…it’s beyond precious.  
And here’s a shot of my fifteen week bump, although I’m seventeen weeks now.  I’d really like to be better about having Geoff take pictures of me through the coming months.  I was kind of anti-picture when pregnant with Boone and now I regret it. 
FifthteenWeekBumpBlog_0002.jpgAnd for good measure, a pic of our rotten dog, Jazzy.  
And so, here’s to a wonderful Friday for everyone.  :)))

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Hannah Elise says:

    love your personal posts like this, Cheyenne! your bump is adorable. πŸ™‚

  2. Emily says:

    love it πŸ™‚ that picture of Boone made my heart swell!

  3. Susan Kelly says:

    How does that child make it through the day without having people randomly stop to take large bites out of him?? I just want to squeeze his cheeks.

  4. Lara Kay says:

    Love you, friend! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better, I’ve missed your personal posts πŸ™‚

  5. Emily Hole says:

    Oh my goodness how did I not know you’re pregnant?!!! Congratulations!!!
    Wow gorgeous photos! Adore the one of you and Boone, melts my heart, that is beautiful!!

  6. Haha, I agree! I could take bites out of him, too! This is one thing I’m just beginning to do, get more personal in my blog. It’s needed it!

  7. I am SOOOOOOO happy for you guys!! You’re beautiful

  8. Lindsey Prochaska says:

    So pretty! Love the pic of you and Boone. Adorable. Miss you. xoxo

  9. Kim Spears says:

    Cheyenne you look incredible !!! Boone is just beyond adorable πŸ™‚


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