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Today, on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the people that God has brought into our lives here in Charlotte.  Two of those people are our friends Maria and Jared (Jared is a crazy talented filmmaker – you’ve seen many pieces of his on this blog before – you can follow his blog HERE).  
Maria and Jared  had their first baby (Winnie) just a few months before we had Boone (which is super helpful for me, as I am always asking Maria….what are you feeding her? how did you handle teething?  what time is she waking up in the morning?).  And now, baby girl #2 is on her way and is expected sometime in January.  🙂
MariaJaredMaternity_0002.jpgGlad we shot when we did while the colors were so vibrant.  Goodness, I love the fall season.
MariaJaredMaternity_0003.jpgLittle Winn joined us for a few pictures.  🙂  Isn’t she the cutest?  That pony-tail is too much.
MariaJaredMaternity_0004.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0005.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0006.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0007.jpgI love this – I think Maria is simply beautiful.  A few words that come to mind when I think of Maria – she is sweet, sincere, calm, caring.  I really look up to Maria and am beyond blessed to be able to call her a friend.  
MariaJaredMaternity_0008.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0009.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0010.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0011.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0012.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0013.jpgMariaJaredMaternity_0014.jpgLove you guys so much.  xoxo.

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Nancy Ray says:

    LOVE this couples’ style! Seriously what a sweet little family.

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    Holy wow, these are just gorgeous.
    Love those autumn colors, and what an adorable couple.


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