Why I’ve Been MIA….

The Schultzes

So………would you like to know why it is that I had been MIA for a few weeks there back? Watch this:


Yes, it’s true. There is a human being growing inside of my body.  And eventually…..it’s going to want to come out. And when I say eventually, by that I mean September.  

With four weddings on the books for September, I wouldn’t say it was my ideal timing.  But obviously, it isn’t the least bit about MY timing.  God clearly had other plans….plans to prosper me and not to harm me.  Plans that are crafted with absolute PERFECTION.

Guys – can I be honest for a minute?  I was floored….FLOORED to find out that I was preggo.  Although, I guess shocked and panicked would be better words to describe my reaction.  Now, the further along in this process that I get, the more sane that I get.  As I increasingly regain my sanity, I look back to become more and more embarrassed at how I initially reacted.  It’s a true wonder that my husband is still my husband after he saw me at my craziest.  

Now, that’s not to say I’m still not totally freaked out.  However, I’m SURE that once we meet Baby Schultz, I will agree with everyone that the tiny baby is singlehandedly the best dang thing that ever happened to me.  But right now…..I’m too focused on being dramatic.  I’m worried about the fact that I already had to buy a belly band to help me fit in my jeans.  I’m dreading that I will be 8 months pregnant in August.  And, I’m trying to cope with the reality that I have to actually BIRTH a child.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

So as for why I’ve been MIA…..I have been sicker than a dog.  So sick that most days all I could muster was to roll myself out of bed around 11am to grab an eggo waffle or two and then flop down on the couch….where I’d stay…..all….day….long….in a constant state of feeling horribly carsick.  Why they call it “morning” sickness is beyond me….because I was laid out for the majority of the day and night.  So, if you are one of those people who waited a ridiculously long time for an email response….or perhaps never got that voicemail returned…..please consider this my official apology.  I’m happy to report that it seems I am now back in commission. 

I guess I share these feelings less for you the reader, but more for myself…..so I can look back at this months from now…years from now…..and laugh at how ridiculous I was….and shake my head at how little faith I had.

p.s. – super cute animation that Geoff created, right? My husband is one talented guy no doubt.  And is he excited, you ask?  Geoff has wanted to be a dad for as long as he can remember…..so yes.  I would say he is bursting at the seams in excitement.  🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Jesse Fender says:

    OMG! Congrats! We are so happy for you guys! Hang in there…I’m sure these last few months will fly by!

  2. erica anne says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! YAYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *So* excited for you guys!!!

  3. logan says:

    Congratulations!!!! Glad you’re feeling better!!!

  4. Congrats Cheyenne!!!!!! That’s amazing!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! How fun & exciting for y’all! That is going to be one cute and well photographed kid!! 🙂 Way way cool! And good luck being 8 mos preggo in August & the whole birthing a human thing. I’m with you on that- both of those thoughts already scare the bejesus out of me and I’m not even thinking about getting pregnant!!! 🙂 CONGRATS, y’all!

  6. Megan says:

    Congrats Cheyenne and Geoff! Baby Schultz is blessed to have you two as parents. Glad you are feeling like yourself again 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    Congratulations! You’ll be a beautiful mama! Can’t wait to follow the progress.

  8. HOW AWESOME! Congrats!

  9. julie rae says:

    OMGeeeeeeeeeeee! The DeVoes are very excited for you! What an amazing blessing! You are going to be great parents. Now you really must find a foster home for Frank! Congratulations!

  10. Melissa Kay says:

    Yay! I’m so happy for both of you!

  11. Robin Day says:

    Congratulations! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I am due 7/14 and was sick all day and all night for the first 12 weeks but then like a light switch it all went away. I wish you all the best and soak it in because it’s really awesome. Don’t worry about the belly band…I was in maternity pants at 10 weeks.

  12. Angie Blackson says:

    YAY!! I am so excited for you guys! That baby is blessed to have such wonderful parents. Cheyenne- if you need anything I would be happy to help you while you are not feeling so well. Anyways, congrats!

  13. Allison Thomas says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  14. Lynsey says:

    Congratulations!!!! I completely know how you feel… I am due Aug 31!!! And fret not about the belly band, I was right there with you. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy every minute!

  15. April McEwen says:

    Congrats Cheyenne and Geoff! Praying you feel better Cheyenne…Cant wait to see you guys at Katie and Kevins wedding!

  16. Leslie says:

    Awwww, congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you! :))

  17. Hey you two; congrats congrats CONGRATS! Children are an awesome blessing, lots of hard work, and an amazing way that God’s kingdom expands exponentially. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  18. Jenny J Cook says:

    What a wonderful surprise!! Geoff did a fine job with the animation – ADORABLE! So, so, so, so, happy for the two of you. =) Glad you’re starting to feel better, that’s huge. And don’t worry about the belly band thing, I’m right there with ya — we’ll have to be each other’s support team through this wild adventure. 😉 Congrats!

  19. Mary Sheedy says:

    Yippy skippy! SUPER happy for you both. You’re going to be awesome at Parenthood….just like everything else you two do! I blew straight by the Bella Band and went for the maternity pants at 13 weeks; HEAVEN, I tell you!

  20. Ashley Katz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so incredibly happy for you two. Hold on tight, it’s a crazy and wonderful ride!

  21. Maddie Stough says:

    Lizz and I are both tearing up/crying for joy at the news here at Davidson!!! We’re going to celebrate you, Geoff and Baby with a Summit later!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you both!! what a blessing 🙂

  22. Jessica Sack says:

    YAY! You will be awesome parents! 🙂

  23. Nick Katz says:

    Congrats you guys!!! You both will be great parents!!

  24. Congratulations you two!!! You poor thing, to feel horribly carsick ALL DAY…I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better!! I can’t wait to see updates on Baby Schultz! I have to admit though, I’ve thought you were pregnant since the NY Bride and Groom fashion show (something that was said). 🙂

  25. First of all LOVE the new blog. Secondly, I know I already said it via email, but CONGRATULATIONS! I am too happy for you. And number 3, I’m not one to sugarcoat much, but just wanted to say that with my first three boys, I was sick 24/7 all 9 months. I don’t want to scare you, but I also don’t want someone saying “oh it’ll go away after three months”. And then what if it doesn’t??? Then you’ll be mad at everyone for lying to you. But if I tell you it’ll last all nine months, you’ll be prepared. And then if it doesn’t last all nine months, you’ll be like “ha! you lied! I feel great!”

  26. Reida says:

    Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can’t wait to meet Baby Schultz!

  27. Jackie says:

    I am soooo happy for you two! And as I now know from my own experience, once you feel your little person/critter bouncing around in your belly and your love growing for him/her every second, you will look back and think how being sick wasn’t really all that bad, and be amazed at how good you got at throwing up! I don’t know that the nerves are ever completely gone – your mother can probably let you know she still has them for you to this day. But, the love and excitement will soon outweigh the moments of worry. And before you know it, you’ll be fat & happy!! Love you Schultzes! xoxo

  28. Heather says:

    CONGRATS Cheyenne!! As I sit and wait for my little guy, I get so excited for those who are beginning the journey of pregnancy. God will prepare your heart each step of the way to help you overcome each anxiety that you face. Just trust in Him and enjoy the gift! It is amazing!!!!
    Congrats again!!

  29. Amy Martin says:

    You already know I’m THRILLED for you guys and I agree with what Heather says! Everything will work out perfectly according to Him who knows what’s best. 🙂 Love you guys!!

  30. Amy Martin says:

    PS- Geoff, you are seriously talented. Seriously!

  31. YAY! Geoff the animation was off the chain – you guys are all kinds of talented. Baby Schultz is undoubtedly going to be a prodigy. Stick figure themed baby shower anyone? 🙂 Love you!

  32. Georgina Petrosky says:

    Congratulations – this is fabulous news! Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy.

  33. Suzie says:

    Congrats!!!!! That is so awesome!! Everything will fall into place, there is a reason this blessing happened now. You guys are going to be rockin’ parents!! And you’ll have the best baby photos!

  34. Cristy Cross says:

    Yipee!!!! So so so so so so sso so so soooooooooooo EXCITED for you two!

  35. Your Mother (Sallee) says:

    Yes!! You FINALLY came out of the closet!! Now I can tell the world that my baby girl is going to have a baby!!!

  36. Tracy says:

    What amazing news! Congratulations to you both!! 🙂

  37. Tracy says:

    What amazing news! Congratulations to you both!! 🙂

  38. Lara says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOVE ALL THREE OF YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. Kellie Kano says:

    CONGRATS guys!! Welcome to the best job on earth ! You’ll love every second of it. I’m gonna go ahead & predict a boy 😉

  40. Bobbie Brown says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! As I am sure everyone is telling you; it is by far the best thing – becoming parents. I am actually due with my 2nd one TODAY! So I am super excited for you!

  41. I am so happy for you two! It’s so much work but so well worth it. Both of our boys were born in September so I am sure Eleanor (my bride) knows what you are going through. If you want to practice with kids, come on down to Charleston and keep our two! : )
    Please let me know if we can help you with anything!

  42. Lindsay says:

    Congrats!!! So happy for you guys! Your hubby’s animation is sooo cute!

  43. Lexi says:

    CONGRATS! Gosh you’ll produce some ridiculously cute babies 🙂 xoxo

  44. congratulations – so excited for you!

  45. CONGRATS! I know we don’t know each other personally but CONGRATULATIONS! That’s really exciting. And as someone who lives in Florida I totally understand your weariness about being 8 months preggers in August! LOL. Just stay inside and have that hubby of yours buy lots of popsicles. 🙂 And ps… that video= awesome!

  46. Stephanie says:

    Congrats to the two of you!!! You are going to be awesome parents & trust that God will prepare you for this exciting new endeavor that you are about to embark on! Best Wishes! Can’t wait to meet Baby Schultz! 🙂

  47. Laura says:

    awesome animation! Congrats!

  48. Cassie (Hirsbrunner) Faust says:

    That is the cutest, sweetest animation EVER!!!! You guys will make amazing parents and am so happy for you! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Clair Knox says:

    congrats and welcome to the preggo photo club. I know one photographer just had twins and another is due soon and me in June!! Its a fun ride!! 🙂

  50. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Both our precious bundles were “happy surprises” and we started our business in Charlotte with a three year old and an infant so know that you will make it work and you will have to prioritize your life which will be such a blessing for you. I was super obsessed with being pregnant, LOVED IT, and have tons of books, videos, DVDs, websites, etc if you ever want to chat belly. SO AWESOME!!

  51. PS: That animated video makes my heart melt like the pospicles that you will want to eat in August. Keep doing exactly what you are doing. It’s inspiring.

  52. Leslie Crouse says:

    CONGRATS!! So excited for you guys, and you are so RIGHT, God has perfect timing 😉

  53. Kim Spears says:

    I am such a huge fan of your work and in a silly way feel very connected to not only your imagery but as you as people. This is fantastic news! Thanks so much for sharing and I can’t wait to see precious images of baby Shultz !!

  54. ANGELA & CHRIS says:


  55. ANGELA & CHRIS says:


  56. Jennifer says:

    Yay more Schultzes in my life 🙂 Love the video too. Congrats!

  57. TGreen says:

    I realized just how you and Geoff, your business, your blog, and your story, have touched me when I found myself getting teary at the news of The Schultzes having a baby Schultz! A million congratulations to both of you – I have no doubt you two will make absolutely amazing parents!
    And a note from a fellow Mommy and someone who was once VERY freaked out at the idea that “this baby has to have an exit strategy”, pregnancy is one of those things that is designed truly as nature intended. At week 36, I was adamant there was NO WAY I could give birth, but by week 40, I was still anxious but READY. You will do great! There is nothing like your first!
    ~Tammy G.

  58. Monica Reid says:

    I’m SO happy for you both like I said on Twitter, you will both be AMAZING parents. Just like you are AMAZING photographers and AMAZING people! Love you guys and even though everyone is scared of birth you will be FINE more than fine you will be so blessed!
    Much Love hope you feel better SOON!

  59. Jaime Schultz says:

    Sisters, I cry tears of joy for you. Parenthood is the most amazing experience in the world and you’re going to be great at it. Love you both. – Sister.

  60. Lori Campbell says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Seriously, though – EVERYONE is pregnant right now. Wel…not me….but….I personally know 19 women who are pregnant, and one of those lil babies is soon to be my nephew in July. 🙂 So happy for you guys – and I think your reaction is perfectly NORMAL!!! Lots of love and luck!

  61. Brittany Alfaro says:

    You two are soooo cute. Your baby is going to be even cuter!

  62. Lindsay says:

    OMG!!! You guys are going to be AWESOME parents! Your kid is going to be like super cool and genius level! I am so excited:) When will we know if it’s a lil Geoff or a lil Cheyenne?

  63. congratulations!!!! i wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy!! 🙂 🙂

  64. mindy church says:

    Cheyenne, Jordan and I are so happy for you, and know that you will be happy too! While we were a bit sad about you not being able to shoot our wedding, we laughed about the fact that we couldn’t be mad at you for it, because of all the reasons why you couldn’t work for us, this is of course the most wonderful of all! 🙂 I hope that makes some sort of goofy sense. And props to Geoff on the adorable animation…I love your stick people! 🙂

  65. Ginny says:

    Congrats!!! We had our first back in September. They bring you so much joy!! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!

  66. Sue McFarland says:

    Congratulations!!! Sept is a great month to have a baby!! I will be a grandmother for the 1st time in June…we are so excited!! And my daughter is as excited and scared and nervous as you seem to be. I am sure it will be a great photo op for me. Hope yours will be, too. Again thanks for sharing your wonderful news!!! PS..loved the clip!

  67. Sue McFarland says:

    Congratulations!!! Sept is a great month to have a baby!! I will be a grandmother for the 1st time in June…we are so excited!! And my daughter is as excited and scared and nervous as you seem to be. I am sure it will be a great photo op for me. Hope yours will be, too. Again thanks for sharing your wonderful news!!! PS..loved the clip!

  68. Holy moly! Awesome news! And um, that animation is too. stinkin’. cute. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  69. That is the cutest video ever! Congratulations!!!

  70. Brantley Freeman says:

    Oh my goodness thank you so much for your pure and honest candidness! That is awesome news, yet, I can also see the complete shock of it not expecting this to come. Congratulations nonetheless! I enjoy following your blog and was happy to see the little video! Take care!

  71. Congratulations!!! Being a mother is wild and wonderful! So happy for you both! 🙂

  72. Awww what a cute video!!!! Congrats!!!!! 😀

  73. Christine says:

    Eeeeee!!! Congratulations to you both – and that is the cutest announcement EVER!!!

  74. Laura & Joe says:

    Cheyenne & Geoff!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such exciting news! Many blessings on this new phase of your marriage and life together. 😀

  75. Laura & Joe says:

    Cheyenne & Geoff!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such exciting news! Many blessings on this new phase of your marriage and life together. 😀

  76. how exciting! congrats you two!!!

  77. Soooo i’m a little, ok a LOT late but I am so so so happy for you two! YAYYYYY!!!! 😀

  78. Gail says:

    WHAT AN AWESOME WAY TO SHARE THE NEWS!!!!!!! Congratulations! I’m so nervous about getting pregnant myself that I feel like, when it does happen, I should revisit this post to calm myself down 🙂

  79. Stephanie says:

    Hi Cheyenne, I’m a little late on this, but I wanted to say congrats 🙂 I can’t wait to see blog love of your pregnant belly (if you will share!) and baby Schultz. Also about the being afraid of the baby coming out, I wanted to tell you that you are not alone! I was terrified when I had my daughter. But through this experience you will learn that your body is capable of things beyond anything you have imagined. In September when he or she comes, your body will just TAKE OVER and know exactly what to do! It’s incredible really. Just trust in that, and enjoy this time, it is truly so special.

  80. Holly says:

    Congratulations Geoff and Cheyenne!!! So excited for you 🙂
    P.S. Love the new blog

  81. Lisa Welge says:

    I just found your site through SWPB and I think you two are adorable! Your photography is fantastic as well! Congrats on the baby on the way! Oh, yes and my hubby’s name is Geoff too! The CORRECT spelling, he makes a point of telling everyone. 🙂
    Yay for the bun!


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