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Man, each season it get’s harder and harder to say goodbye to our interns. They truly become an integral part of the team in such a short amount of time and when you’re in the thick of wedding season, three months fly by! It was so hard to say goodbye to Katie!

From the moment she arrived in the studio, she was all hands on deck and eager to learn. Each intern comes to us at a different part in their photography journey and it’s so rewarding for us to see how we can directly impact them at any stage. When Katie began her internship, she was on the cusp of starting her own business after spending the past year purchasing professional gear and doing portrait sessions for friends and families. We spent a lot of time discussing curating a portfolio, gaining new clients and building and launching a website…which she JUST LAUNCHED! Y’all go check out her site at this link. We are so proud and can’t wait to see how things will continue to take off for Katie and are so grateful for her warm and positive presence in the studio each week. You should head over to her Instagram account and give her a follow!


Some words from Katie as she reflected on her internship:

How is it already the end of my internship with the CSP team? It feels like just yesterday I walked right into an office full of puppies, the prettiest work space and to two of the best people.
To be honest I don’t even know where to begin with putting into words how much I’ve gained from doing this internship. It has been the stepping stone to getting my foot into the photography world and has helped me create a solid foundation for my own business. I’ve gained hands on experience in the wedding industry and learned so much on different topics ranging from client experience to everything I need to help my business grow and succeed.


One of the best pieces of advice I got was to “just start”. Fear of failure and being overwhelmed tend to hold people back, but I had two of the most supportive people who were there for me. They answered any questions I may have had and offered wise words and teachings to help me grow even more.Intern_Katie_0005.jpg
There were two things that really stuck with me throughout this whole experience. The first is to treat clients and people you will work with as you would treat a friend, getting to know them and personalizing the relationship.


The second thing would be to choose community over competition, being able to help one another out. Cheyenne mentored me and spent time investing in me, which I will never be able to thank her enough, and because I had someone do that for me it has inspired me to want to do that and now help and encourage others who have similar interests.


I’m so thankful for the CSP Internship and all the experience and knowledge I gained. I’ll miss Tuesdays and Thursdays so so much!

Cheyenne Schultz

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