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If you have been a professional photographer for any length of time, you know that producing great images isn’t all there is to the game of business ownership and ultimately, yielding happy clients. In fact, I would venture to say that delivering beautiful work isn’t even 50% of the pie when you consider overall client satisfaction. Y’all know this…it’s about the complete experience the client has from the very start of the process before a client has even secured the booking….all the way through delivery of the final product. This goes for all creative business owners…there is A LOT of “the in between” that can either make or break the experience. And really, it’s no secret that the creative market is super saturated…we can’t afford to NOT pay attention to this and do it well.

If you’ve been following me and my business for any length of time, you know that I am always in a state of improving my own client experience and that I love teaching about it. Y’all, this is the stuff that really matters. If you are a creative business owner and know that you need to up-level your client experience, help is here!

I recently recorded an interview with Davey and Krista for the Brands That Book Podcast and TODAY, it’s live! I’m a big fan of this podcast and highly recommend you hit that little “SUBSCRIBE” button and take a listen to the many valuable voices that he has interviewed to help businesses develop strong brands and book new, consistent work. And lastly, if you like what you hear, we’d love you to leave a review!

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