Hanna’s Intern Experience | Fall 2018

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Y’all remember Hanna, right? Our fall intern! We just loved having her with us for her internship and wish it wouldn’t have had to come to an end, as she was invaluable to us. Hanna, thank you for your always bright and cheery attitude, your hard work ethic and for just being an all around great gal to want to be around. We think the world of you and know that big things are coming for you in 2019.

Y’all be sure to check out Hanna’s work here on her website and here on her Instagram account and read about her experience with CSP this past fall below!


My three months with Cheyenne flew by- it was such a treat getting to spend my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s learning from and working along side of Cheyenne and Erika. The opportunity for this internship came at the perfect time in my life- I had just graduated from Appalachian State, I already had an established photography business, but I was unsure what the next step was. This internship gave me the guidance and skills I needed to really hit the ground running and take my business to the next level. I learned SO much that I was able to implement into my business, and here’s a list of the top 3. 

1. Client Experience

I truly believe Cheyenne is the QUEEN of Client Experience. This is the main thing I was looking forward to learning from her. Everyday I learned something new about how to show my clients how thankful I am for them and that I truly do care about each and every one of them.   


2. Workflow 

Interning for CSP taught me how to implement a strict workflow in order to streamline my client experience and keep my clients organized. I gained experience with using certain tools and programs to help improve workflow and I soon implemented them into my own business. This internship even helped me to develop my own client checklist, and I’m honestly not sure how I ever survived without one!  


3. Community over Competition  

I learned the importance of finding community instead of viewing other photographers as our “competition”. Get coffee with others within your industry, and just chat, ask each other questions, and learn from one another! 


Cheyenne Schultz

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