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Chelsi, Newborns


Written and Photographed by Chelsi, CSP Family Photographer

A couple of months ago I had the honor of meeting Jordan, Spencer and their sweet baby girl, Coley. At almost a month old, Coley was bright-eyed and curious, watching me for most of the session as I snapped memories of their current chapter in life. During newborn sessions, I love hearing from the parents about life as it is now. The changes, sleepless nights and the beautiful whirlwind that comes along with having a newborn.

While spending time with Coley, I had the pleasure of speaking with her grandmother, Mary-Todd, who was there lending a more than willing helping hand. As a first-time grandmother, it was so endearing to witness her excitement, much like the excitement of first-time parents. We had a fun little chat about unique versus traditional grandparent names and her name choice for when Coley starts to talk. Names hold so much meaning and I loved that Mary-Todd was able to choose her name for her newest role—a role that will play such a special part in Coley’s life.

This sweet family was such a dream to capture and I enjoyed every minute I was able to spend with them!


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