Tasha’s Intern Experience | Spring 2018

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We have so enjoyed having Tasha here in the studio with us through the spring season and can’t wait to see her business continue to grow! Check out here words below about what she learned through her time and then head on over to her website to check her out! Thank you, Tasha – we love you!

If you are interested in applying to intern with us this fall, please see this post with all of the details and instructions!

From Tasha:

Holy Cow where did this last 3 months go? It feels like I just got here, but at the same time I feel like I have been a part of CSP all along. You guys have that effect of making someone feel welcome!

I knew this would be a huge learning opportunity and yet I took it on in one of the busiest season of my life, maybe I was crazy or maybe I knew risks are worth taking. As my internship ends I get to take a huge step and go full time with my photography business. I owe a lot of that to you ladies! Here are the top things that I learned through my internship experience:
1. Client Experience is so very important!
I always knew I wanted to do more for my clients, but wasn’t always sure how. Interning with CSP has shown me not only how to give them an experience, but also how to care even more deeply for my clients and that the little details matter. I always want to overachieve and go above and beyond for my clients. I feel like I have taken so much away and have implemented it into my own business already and can see the impact it’s making!
2. Workflow, Workflow, Workflow
I knew I needed a much better workflow to make my life and business run smoothly! The systems & tools that I used on a daily basis at CSP have really opened my eyes to all that I can achieve with a really good workflow. Workflows constantly change and advance and I know even the smallest workflow can help me tremendously! I was introduced to a world with Asana, Bridge, Dubsado and so much more. I feel like I will be able to stay on top of my tasks and accomplish my tasks quicker and more efficiently!


3. Personal & Work Life Balance
It’s not easy being a business owner especially when working from home. Trying to find a balance between your work life and your personal life is a constant struggle. I’m still learning and trying to figure that out. Cheyenne and Erika taught me to have grace and know that not everything will be perfect all of the time. Sometimes one area may suffer, maybe my house won’t be as clean as I like it, but if my business is in a good place and my family is in a good place then that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we.
4. Believe In Yourself & Take Risks
I feel much more confident as a business owner after my internship. I still don’t know everything and I probably never will, but being able to intern for a successful photographer has given me an unfounded confidence. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel like Cheyenne and Erika believe in me and push me to grow and take risks. Having that support while growing my business was monumental. Having other successful women business owners support you, praise you and push you to succeed is a wonderful feeling.  Community over competition has never been so true! Thank you for believing in me!


Cheyenne Schultz

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