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CSP Team

This past Tuesday was the best night, as it was team night! This was an extra special team night, as it was our last of the year…a celebration of a great 2017. We ate a delicious meal, had great conversation and capped off the evening with salted caramel brownies and ice skating uptown! My favorite part of the night was at dinner taking turns sharing our top 20 CSP most memorable moments of the year. That, combined with putting together this post of our “behind the scenes”, has me feeling so very grateful. Grateful that I get to do this work and grateful for the people that I get to do it with.

And without further ado….2017 Behind the Scenes!


Go on….STRUT! (below)


Peek-a-boo! (below)


Wedding reception hazing rituals…getting stomped on and drinks poured on and knocked into. I wondered if Erika would continue second shooting for us after this one. Ha! (below)


Thinks he’s so funny. (below)


Erika…studio manager, second shooter, hair model. (below)


Sometimes the cameras go down and we pour champagne, set up and wipe down rained on chairs, adjust faulty veils and bustles, squeegee flooded ceremony sites and help flower girls get bugs out of their dresses. I’m proud of the work that this team produces, but I’m most proud of the way they serve with heart and soul and do whatever it takes to make a wedding day everything it should be and more. (below)


“See what a great photographer I am? I’m basically amazing.” – Geoff to Erika (below)


Sometimes we shoot. Sometimes we dog-sit on the job. (below)


Loves posing for light checks. (below)


Cutest lil’ second shooter I ever did have. (below)


Stealing my shot. Per usual. (below)


Short photographer problems. (below)


RAWR. (below)


“You see, what you have to do, Erika, is put on your lens like so….and then you will learn to shoot as good as me.” – Geoff (below)


Geoff’s suggestions for shooting in the dead brush didn’t go over well. (below)


“Gosh, I look even cooler with these on.” – Geoff (below)


Geoff “working”. (below)


“You see this flash, Erika? If you miss that shot, I’m going to throw it at you.” – Geoff


Photographed an uptown engagement session on his scooter after achilles surgery recovery. Commitment.Β (below)


Never the safest option, but one must do what one must do when there is a plain, white wall to photograph a bridal party on. (below)


You were good to us, 2017! Until next year!

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Meghan says:

    Cheyenne, these are wonderful!! Another reason why you and your team are incredible! Yall do whatever it takes to get that shot! πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah says:

    Love these, Cheyenne! I hope I get to see you and your team soon. The behind the scenes shots are the best. πŸ™‚

  3. Laura Youannas says:

    This post shows why you guys are the best! Not only is your photography amazing, but you have fun while you’re doing it, and then you go above and beyond in whatever ways you can – if you see a need you don’t just keep clicking, but you take the time to make things right so that every detail is the finest. Great job!


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