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At the end of last month we gathered our small, but mighty team together to do a little CSP 1st quarter reflecting and 2nd quarter planning. First of all, it was motivating for all of us to reflect on the previous 3+ months to see that we actually managed to knock out many of our 1st quarter “to-dos” and made some great progress on the goals that we set at the beginning of January. As far as where to go from here, we decided that rather than continuing to chip away at various 2017 goals, we were going to focus ourselves on one primary initiative: to better the experience we provide to our clients. We are taking the next two months to commit our time and channel our energy toward the many things we have been wanting to do for awhile now for our client experience.

Our time together last month was spent fanatically writing down every single aspect of our client experience, which gave us a starting point to see any holes that exist, as well as highlighted opportunities for growth. We now have a pretty aggressive plan to take our experience from good to great through May and June. The ultimate goal is to be able to say that we are leading the industry in the area of client experience. 🙂



Goals met from April:

+ Finished 2 books. The $6000 Egg and Giftology.

+ Had our CSP Quarter 2 Planning Meeting and team night.

+ Made progress on our client welcome magazine.

+ Trips to Asheville for Lauren and Mike’s engagement session and Savannah for a wedding.

+ Sent my first email newsletter. To receive May’s newsletter, go here to sign up!

+ Cleaned out a corner of the garage. We made some progress at least and that is good. 🙂

+ Got a haircut.

+ Took the kids strawberry picking at Wise Acre Farm and to the Whitewater Center.

Things to look forward to in May:

+ Celebrating Erika’s one year work anniversary! Actually, that was yesterday. 🙂

+ Photographing two weddings.

+ Celebrate Mother’s Day.

+ Family Movie Night.

And my goals for the month:

Personal – May

+ Sign up for a handlettering class through Skillpop with Erika.

+ Plan for Geoff’s birthday/our anniversary next month.

+ Clean another corner of our garage.

Business – May

+ Taxes. That’s right…they still aren’t done.

+ Decide on and set up studio management software. We are currently leaning toward Honeybook.

+ Stay on top of editing.

+ Complete CSP welcome guide.

+ Complete CSP client album resource.


Do you blog your goals? If so, please link below in a comment, as I would love to see and cheer you on! Have a great month, y’all!


Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Alexa says:

    I’m currently looking into HoneyBook as well! Seems like a big time investment to get everything set up to begin with but will probably pay back in time saved later!

  2. Liz says:

    Honeybook is great, but I have not been able to quit Pixifi. It’s not as pretty but does so many amazing things!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Thank you for this, Liz! I STILL haven’t made a decision…also pretty strongly considering Tave…also not as pretty as Honeybook, but thinking it looks more functional for what we are needing.


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