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Let me tell you about my computer.

And my phone.

And Geoff’s phone.

And Instagram.

And Facebook.

These are the places that home the thousands upon thousands of photographs since we were married in 2007. And y’all…that just feels wrong. The longer I am in this business…not to mention the more life that I live with my own family collecting memories and moments through photography…the more my heart breaks that we have device upon device upon device FULL of digital images and nothing to really show for it besides a few random prints we might have made here and there.

Y’all. We need to do better. It’s our responsibility to preserve the history of our family by actually doing something with our photographs besides letting them take up space digitally. I love to picture my grandchildren (and my great-grandchildren!) looking through photographs of our family, including that very first day that our family began…the day that Geoff and I were married. And let me tell you…when I picture this in my head, I don’t see them crowded around an iPad swiping left.

It’s becoming more and more important and a priority for me to print our photographs. For my family pictures, I have started making the investment in a yearly coffee table book. I max out the number of pages for each book, which doesn’t make it cheap by any means. But, for me, as the years fly by, it’s an investment worth making.

This past fall after we launched our new brand and website, we decided it was high past time to update our sample wedding albums. Through nearly 10 years in business, I’m no longer concerned with keeping current with the latest trends. I’m really only interested in offering products that are made well and that will stand the test of time both aesthetically and from a quality perspective.
Y’all…these albums are so darn pretty. Handcrafted, 100% pure linen and the option for a foiled cover debossing for a fine art finish. I absolutely love these albums and am so proud to offer them to our couples to serve as the home for their wedding photographs and as their first family heirloom. They are classic, timeless and just beautiful.

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