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“Only love feeds us. And love happens over years, repetitive motions, staying, staying, staying. Showing up again. Coming clean again, being seen again. That’s how love is built.” – Shauna Niequest

I think Geoff and I have been scheming about our 10 year anniversary trip since our 5 year trip to Mexico. It’s hard to believe that this June marks ten years of marriage. It’s been ten wonderful, joy-filled, fruitful, blessed years. And it’s also been ten years that have seen it’s share of really hard times. The hardest of times that sometimes it felt altogether hopeless that we would make it out. 10 years is certainly worth celebrating.

In this season of life with three little kids, our priorities for our trip were sleep, good food, reading, spa time, REST…and maybe a little exploring if we felt up for it. If you know us, we are HUGE fans of the spa at Grove Park Inn in Asheville, so we wanted something comparable to that but somewhere different. We were this close to booking a trip to Canada to visit Vancouver, but after we started weighing cost and the travel time to get there and back, we decided that going somewhere closer to Charlotte would probably be wiser. So we landed on Austin, Texas. After many, many evenings of researching, we booked a stay at the beautiful Travaasa Resort, which is about 25 minutes outside of downtown.

Our trip to Austin was everything we wanted and needed it to be. Temperature in the low 80’s. Watching the bats take flight from under the South Congress bridge (yes, it’s totally a thing) with mocha frappuccinos. Blended drinks and good books by the infinity pool overlooking Lake Travis. Massages and cold peppermint face towels at the spa. A cozy bed to sleep late in the morning. Chip and JoJo Starbucks cups. Buttermilk pancakes and breakfast tacos on the patio. Sharing laughs by the pool with new friends. Best burgers and amazing truffle fries in downtown Austin. Dog watching, huge donut eating, a trip to Waco to visit the Magnolia Silos. While all of the “things” we got to do and enjoy were quite wonderful, probably the best part of the trip was just the chance to set it all down and walk away for four days. To stop entirely. No business conversations. No email. No text messages. No social media.


We had really great and long conversations about living this life well. And about death, marriage, kids, what success looks like, what matters most to us, dreams. We reminisced about the first 10 years and we talked about our plan for how to make it another 10 and still come out smiling with and at each other. The chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other was so needed and so enjoyed.

I love you, Geoff Schultz. Can’t wait to start planning our 15th trip! ☺

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Looks amazing!!!! We go on our 6-year-trip soon…good inspiration 🙂 xo


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