April Goals | 2017


“Welcome Spring. Make room for what matters. Breath Deeply. Tidy Up. Learn Something New. Choose Simplicity. Keep Growing.” – from the spring issue of Magnolia Journal (which, p.s. – just for fun, I’m giving away a free copy today over on my instagram page if you would like to enter to win!)

Yes and amen. All of it. I want more of all of that in my life this month.


Goals met from March:

  • Finished Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect.
  • Cleaned out master bedroom closet and hallway shelving and had light fixtures fixed. We can see in our kitchen again…major win!
  • Installed one baby gate…one to go.
  • Began Boone/Mama afternoons on Tuesdays. 
  • Finished Grey’s baby book.
  • Finalized one month out from wedding client gifts. 
  • Began second shooter training program with Erika.
  • Set up my email list.
  • Implemented blogging calendar.
  • Launch new opt-in offer/freebie –  5 Ways to Grow Your Business In the Off-Season. You can still grab your copy HERE.

Things to look forward to in April:

  • A birthday date with Geoff. I’m insisting on going to what has become my favorite restaurant, Soul Gastrolounge. Charlotte people – if you haven’t been, it’s a must.
  • Visit to the strawberry patch…my favorite spring activity to do with the kids.
  • Family movie night. We’ve decided to do this with the kids once/month, as it has become a really sweet hangout time for all of us.
  • Hopefully photographing the birth of a dear friend’s baby. Just hoping the timing works out. 🙂 Although, this could be a May thing. Time will tell.
  • Engagement session in Asheville and wedding in Savannah!
  • Scrabble night.
  • Brunch with friends.
  • Another visit to the Whitewater Center…we were there this past weekend and it was so enjoyed.
  • A visit from my Californian brother, my sister-in-law and their three kids.

And my goals for the month:

Personal – April

  • Instead of starting a new book this month, I want to go back through Present not Perfect, pull out my takeaways and actually do something to apply what I learned. It was so good. Highly recommended.
  • House projects (remove shelving unit from hallway, clean garage, put up kid’s growth chart, spring clean/purge the kid’s rooms).
  • Plan our summer beach trip.
  • Create another yearly family album through Artifact Uprising. I’m still trying to get caught up!
  • Get a haircut and a pedicure. Self care for the win.
  • Have a long overdue dinner with girlfriends.

Business – April

  • Taxes. 
  • Have our Quarter 2 Planning and Strategy Meeting followed by Team Night! This time it’s going to be dinner at our house together and game night.
  • This feels like a hefty goal, but I’m going to try to blog 3x each week for the month. The aim is for Monday to be a business related post, Wednesday to be wedding related and Friday to be a personal/family post.
  • Send out my first monthly newsletter. Have you signed up? You can do that right here if you like. 🙂
  • Launch my new coaching program!
  • Create one new business resource/freebie.

If you blogged your goals from April, please share them in a comment below – I’d love to see! Hope y’all have a great month. 🙂

Cheyenne Schultz

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