For Geoff on Father’s Day

The Schultzes


Happy Father’s Day, Geoff.

These past almost six years watching you be daddy to our children has been one of my greatest joys in life. Our babies love you so much…no doubt that comes from the love that you show them daily…as evidenced by these images.

Thank you for being the father that you are to them and for caring for our family the way you do. You are so very loved.


GeoffFathersDay0002 GeoffFathersDay0003 GeoffFathersDay0004 GeoffFathersDay0005 GeoffFathersDay0006 GeoffFathersDay0007 GeoffFathersDay0008 GeoffFathersDay0009 GeoffFathersDay0010 GeoffFathersDay0011 GeoffFathersDay0012 GeoffFathersDay0013 GeoffFathersDay0014 GeoffFathersDay0015 GeoffFathersDay0016 GeoffFathersDay0017 GeoffFathersDay0018 GeoffFathersDay0019 GeoffFathersDay0020

Cheyenne Schultz

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  1. Anna Papson says:

    I love these ???? All of them. So special!


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